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  1. **Personal opinion: This has never mattered.
  2. Edelman made ZERO PRO BOWLS in his career. ZERO. The Canton discussion is nothing more than a troll job. Nice career. Good for him. Now moving on..
  3. My point being, he (like most others) could become a team owner and thrive without relocating the team
  4. That being said, he has ZERO connection to Minnesota. And it would be in total A-Rod "look at me" style to make some sort of grand return by delivering Seattle back their Sonics. He's a self-absorbed snake. I wouldn't put it past him at all.
  5. Change? Is Oakland getting a new stadium or something?
  6. List of MLB teams without a no-hitter: San Diego Padres
  7. This has never mattered.
  8. Lamar Hunt memorial tv numbers aren't going anywhere either!
  9. Eh, give me a recent HOF QB a team has done this with. I feel quarterbacks are more 'prestigious' when it comes to numbers being taken out of circulation. Even guys we would classify as "pretty good QBs" -- like Andrew Luck. Are any Colts wearing #12 yet?
  10. Fwiw, undrafted 2nd year WR Scotty Washington now wears Bengals #14
  11. You're saying Ken Anderson could've done what Montana did -- which is so unbelievably wrong. I can see why, as a Bengals fan, you refuse to give Joe proper credit since won half of his rings vs Cincy. It's as if you feel robbed and still lose sleep over those games.
  12. You're literally saying "Ken Anderson wins four Super Bowls if he's on the 49ers", which is one of the more ridiculous things I think I've ever heard
  13. Um, so, 100% of that credit actually goes to Bill Walsh. Another guy i've barely heard of
  14. @oldschoolvikings Surprising you'd sign off on a facemask that isn't grey or from the 1940s
  15. You've convinced me. Ken "Montana's Daddy" Anderson is without a shadow of a doubt a high-tier member of the Paul Brown Ring Of Fame, next to the likes of Ickey Woods and Terrell Owens
  16. Ken Anderson proved Bill Walsh's offense could work in the NFL. Bill Walsh doesn't get a head coaching gig without him so yes in a way he did. Ken Anderson made Montana AND Walsh? That's unbelievable! Tell me more
  17. How this reads: Ken Anderson made Joe Montana's career. How it happened: Montana crushed Anderson in the Super Bowl and never looked back.
  18. Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr superior to "A's"
  19. Not my fault you don't know football. You can't tell the story of the NFL without Scott Norwood, but we aren't putting him in Canton.
  20. Paul Brown Ring of Fame at Paul Brown Stadium located on Paul Brown Drive while watching the Cincinnati Paul Browns from the Paul Brown Nose Bleed Section.
  21. As many of us predicted, Bauer under investigation
  22. Came to this thread just to comment this.