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  1. RT @mdotbrown: might actually watch Game 3 just to see if Drake changes jerseys at halftime

  2. RT @ESPNSteinLine: The Thunder are 3-5, this season, including the playoffs, at San Antonio and Golden State. The rest of the NBA, in those…

  3. RT @Ned2point0: Mychal Thompson's son won the game. No, his other son. No, the other game.

  4. RT @NotBillWalton: After the game, Drake said Paul George was scared. This coming from an emo dude named Aubrey who was on a teen soap oper…

  5. RT @dorseyshaw: "U R THE FATHER!" —Maury

  6. RT @Steve_OS: The moment when Adams heard it was no good…

  7. RT @SteveStfler: these kids are pros with the selfie stick

  8. RT @SteveStfler: Best boyfriend award goes to...

  9. RT @mdotbrown: That Shaq & Kobe 30 for 30 better be at least eighteen hours.

  10. RT @SteveStfler: Bro Rule #1 - Never do this.

  11. RT @ChrisPalmerNBA: Last two players to record 20 pts & 15 asts: Steph Curry and Seth Curry.

  12. RT @HerringWSJ: We get it, Bron -- you want to make it look as if you have no clue what's going on with Golden State and SAS.

  13. RT @Sid_Seixeiro: Pablo Sandoval's belt taps out.

  14. RT @SteveStfler: "Netflix and chill"

  15. RT @JohnMiddlekauff: Crazy to think in '14 the A's had Sonny, the #Cubs 2 (Lester) #Dodgers 2 (Kazmir) & the #SFGiants 3 (Shark) & couldn't…