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  1. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    In honor of today, I have a little bonus for you guys. 2 bonus logos, actually. I should have saved the Leafs for today, but hindsight is 20/20, so let's go with the next closest: the green team who eventually became the Leafs. Also, for those interested, here's a link to my entire Imgur album of these designs. Nothing extra that isn't here, as I update the album right before I post it here, but just a collection of all of them in one place.
  2. I'm sure most of you are aware of the reputation that Comic Sans has in the design community, but for those who are unaware, it's regarded as one of the worst, most amateur fonts you can use. I'm sure less of you are aware of its usage in memes and s**tposting, often being used ironically to create humor by intentionally using it to mock it. With my combined interest in both of those, I one day had the bright idea of redesigning NHL logos that make use of text or a letterform, but use Comic Sans. Let's start out with a bang.
  3. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (PIT Added!)

    I wonder what that design would look like in gold ... seeing as I would expect the Pens to use a gold alternate next year. Also, Letang is 58 and Guentzel is 59, not sure which you were going for there.
  4. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Still haven't had time to work on any requests, so let's move on with another playoff team I had complete.
  5. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Have had no time to work on Anaheim or Vegas (but they'll be coming), so let's move on with one of the ones I already had finished.
  6. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Haven't had time to complete the Anaheim request as that one may take a bit longer than most, but I did have Ottawa done already, so Ottawa it is.
  7. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Let's move on with our next request ... Minnesota's wordmark. This was a fun one to do for sure.
  8. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    You're probably right, I may do them after the NHL, I'll keep it in mind. After a few days off let's continue here, and since we had a request for Calgary, let's do them. The next request will be posted tomorrow, because yes, it is also already done.
  9. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (PIT Added!)

    Not bad in a vacuum, but looks way too similar to Nashville's new look, and I would expect the road jersey to suffer from the same color balancing problems that Nashville has now.
  10. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    No love for Boston? Well let's move on then. In honor of game 2 tonight, here's the inferior Pennsylvanian team, the Flyers. From here on out I think I'll just keep going with playoff teams unless I get any requests.
  11. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Let's move right along and go with the Leafs' current opponent...
  12. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Understandable. However, my main idea with this series was just to replace textual elements with comic sans, so re-doing the entire logo in cases where the entire logo isn't text somewhat defeats the purpose if you ask me. However, I do still like that idea and am very open to doing this after the semester ends and I have some more time to myself. As of now this is just something fun and quick I can do during my breaks or during class when I'm bored, as I admit it involves little thought and creativity and not much of a requirement for neatness either. As a quick little bonus for you guys since it's not much different, here's Toronto's old logo.
  13. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    Well like I said in the first post, I can really only redesign teams whose logo makes use of text or a letterform, but fortunately every team has at some point or another in their history used some sort of letter-based logo, so while I won't be doing every teams primary logo, every team will still be involved in some way. The only team I have to reach for a bit is Carolina, where I'll need to use their not often seen (and possibly obsolete) wordmark. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Let's move on with the next installment in the series by ruining enriching yet another classic look.
  14. ldconcepts' NHL Identity Swap Series (STL/CHI Added)

    The logo is a bit choppy, especially around the curve on the back of the head, but it's a good start and I really like the idea. The jerseys look pretty nice too, but I would lose the black cuffs and change the white into black. After all, their actual home jersey has very little white, only on the numbers and logos.
  15. I'm digging the striping, but I think I'd swap the yellow and blue stripes on the road jersey. I'm also not feeling the number font at all, I don't think it fits Nashville. I'd stick with their current one.
  16. National Floor Hockey League

    Looking at the logos on the map, most of them look really solid! There are a few that I'm confused/intrigued about, but I can comment about those when the full team is revealed. I'm not a huge fan of the league/conference logos, though. The league logo barely even looks like a puck to me, and looks more like 2 stacked balls. As for the conference logos, I think they might be a bit on the plain side, and I'm personally not feeling the typeface used. Also, one small nitpick: you have cleats on the template, would they really be using cleats? I'm pretty sure you're just using a soccer template since it fits so well, but I'm not so sure they'd wear cleats on a court. Changing the shoe color from bright green might not hurt either. Overall I'm liking what I see so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  17. A Few Hockey Concepts

    In large part because of the HJC Open, I have a few extra concepts lying around on my hard drives, so I'd might as well post them here, too. The first one is a Minnesota Wild "redesign", which is more or less just an "ideal look" or a "fix" to their uniforms. Nothing special here if I'm being honest. Next up, a Colorado Avalanche concept, where my idea was to take the full length shoulder yoke they already use, but put a mountain design cutting into it about halfway down the sleeves. If that doesn't make sense, just look below. I also replaced the black with navy blue, though outside of the pants and gloves it only appears in the logo. The next one is a New York Islanders set where I tried to bring back teal. On the home and road sets I only used it as an accent color, and in large part kept the striping faithful to their current look. The logos are a bit of a departure, though. For the alt, I went all-out teal and even used a wave pattern on the hem. Next is a very slightly revised Penguins' concept that I actually posted as an alternate in another thread of mine a few months ago, but here it is again on a different template and with slight revisions. I think my design decisions should be spelled out on the image for the most part. Last, and possibly my favorite of the bunch, is a Blue Jackets concept. After seeing another Jackets concept, I thought that the Jackets may be one of the few teams that vintage white would fit well with, so I went with it. The striping is inspired by the Ohio flag, which isn't the most innovative for the Jackets, but I really like the way this turned out, and I'm surprised it didn't look any more basic than this. The typeface was also custom formed by myself based on the one inside of their alternate roundel, since their new Adidas typeface hasn't really been seen in enough detail to trace or re-create yet. That's all I have for now, but I should be posting a Sherbrooke Phoenix concept pretty soon once I finish it. C&C appreciated!
  18. A Few Hockey Concepts

    See, I hate the fact that the Golden Triangle symbolism is gone, but I just think the white triangle has a much more vintage look to it than leaving it yellow. Here it is with a golden triangle anyways just for fun.
  19. NHL Minimalist Logos

    About a week or so ago, I saw a snapchat on the Penguins' story of a fan with a neat poster design. The style of the logo inspired me to make one in a similar style for the rest of the league. My basic rules for myself was that the logo had to be one continuous line that starts and stops in different areas, or that it doesn't become a closed shape rather than just a line. In a few cases I had to use a team's alternate logo if the primary didn't work well, and in two cases I had to use teams' past logos. The one team I'm still not completely happy about is Boston, I think they look a bit off, so if anyone has any ideas it's appreciated! I also have a playoff bracket using these logos that's been updated to the conference final after yesterday's game sevens. C&C appreciated!
  20. I've always loved the Penguins' old wordmark, or at least the idea of it, but let's be honest: it looks quite dated at this point. So that led me to attempt to modernize the logo. It also draws some aspects from the current wordmark with the highlights. After this, I decided there was no better time to attempt to redesign the Penguins' current skating penguin logo, addressing and fixing its flaws, which is something I've wanted to do for some time now. The main thing I addressed was the mess of shapes that are the gloves, going for a more simple look, without losing the imagery of a glove. The other main change was keeping the stroke widths as consistent as possible throughout the logo, and I believe the only place it deviates is having a thicker outline on the triangle. I'm personally really happy with the turnout of the wordmark, but I'm a bit more iffy on the logo, so any C&C would be appreciated, especially with the logo.
  21. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    So I've been working on some assorted NHL concepts for a while, and I'll probably post them all here when I finish them up. I'm not going to call this a series, though, as I'm really just doing these when I have an idea, so I have no idea if everyone will get done or how long it will take. Anyways... About a week or so ago I was re-reading the Washington Capitals BTLNHL article on Hockey By Design, and it inspired me to try my hand at fixing up the logo's typography. I changed up every letter, whether a subtle or glaring change, except for the i, l, and s. The tracking (spacing between all the letters, for those who aren't oriented with design terminology) has also been increased a bit. A secondary logo has also been created for use on the jerseys, eliminating the "WASHINGTON" text, which is unreadable unless you're close up. Along with that, I redesigned the jerseys, taking influence from the D.C. flag. I also have a version with red and gray for the HJC Random Competition. C&C appreciated!
  22. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    Anyways, thanks for all the feedback guys! Here are some changes based on your comments, including lower side panels on the full body template and angled sleeve striping, which I do think look much better. @hockey week Having the triangle in yellow with an outline was something I originally tried on the alternate jersey because I didn't want to lose the golden triangle symbolism, but ultimately decided the white looked better and more "vintage". I only wanted to use a white outline as well, because I felt putting a black outline over the triangle made it look too modern. Here's the outlined version I had, maybe you'll like it. C&C still appreciated as always!
  23. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    Now that you bring it up I definitely remember seeing those before, maybe that was my inspiration without even knowing it. One recommendation I'd give you is to add an outline to the numbers. I love one-color numbers but I don't think they work here, they're a bit plain compared to the rest of the jersey.
  24. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    I've finished the uniforms, so here's the whole presentation! The primaries are a mix of the vintage/current upper arm fill design and the modern side panel design. The explanation for the alternate is on the image. C&C appreciated!
  25. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    So much for having time to finish that on Thursday... I fixed up the primary logo a bit, some from your suggestions, some just on my own. Jerseys coming soon. C&C appreciated still!