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  1. Sorry for the late reply - I don't frequent these boards too often aside from lurking every so often and didn't notice the notification. I saw that you were already trying the program out (I follow your instagram) so you may have figured out your own opinion on this, but personally I've always hated Illustrator's layer system and selection system. It's always been clunky to me and makes it harder to select objects. I like Photoshop's system a lot better, and Affinity's is much closer to that. I also like how Affinity always shows you a small thumbnail preview of your layer, whether it's a group or not, and that's one thing that annoys me about Photoshop. It's also much easier to use the node selection tools, since it only selects nodes from the objects you have selected, and not every single object there by default. It could just be because I started on Affinity so I'm just used to it. The only thing I really ever use Illustrator for is to do warps. I just copy/paste in what I need to warp, warp it, then copy/paste it back.
  2. Absolutely love both of these programs. I have access to Illustrator and I don't even use it because I like Designer so much better. Affinity can open .ai files just as Photo can open .psd files. In fact, you may be able to open .psd files directly in Designer and .ai files directly in Photo, but I'm not 100% sure. Either way, you can easily switch between both Designer and Photo with the same file, and each program can open each other's files without a problem.
  3. Yep, when the teams' primary logos don't really have anything I can change into comic sans, I'll either use an alternate logo or historical logo. Quite honestly I hope to be able to do every logo possible from the NHL at some point or another. Now, did someone request Dallas?
  4. After game 1 yesterday, let's move on to the Caps. Personally one of my favorite logos I've done so far in this series because of how type-heavy the Caps logo is.
  5. You really love using these patterns on the uniforms, don't you? Personally, I think Carolina's new home jerseys this year nailed the way that these patterns should be done: subtle, but not so much that you can't see it. I think some of your designs would look a lot better if you took that approach, because I love these ideas, but they begin to look a bit garish when you have them so prominent. Even Carolina's old uniforms look incredibly dated when you look back at them today. Unrelated from the pattern, I think the home jersey would look much better if you swapped the white and red in the striping. As of now I don't think there's enough contrast in that uniform to make it pop; sure the black contrasts enough so that it doesn't blend in, but it doesn't stand out either. Other than that I really like the design.
  6. Let's move right along here to Vegas. Also two versions of this one, one that's a bit wonkier, the other is a bit more normal.
  7. Sorry for the long break guys, but let me just say now that my updates to this series for the next 2 weeks may not be quite as regular as they were before, as my semester is ending soon and I have 3 projects and a paper to do in the next 2 weeks, along with the regular flow of homework and finals, so I'll be having myself quite the busy next few weeks. That being said, let's move on to Anaheim, who was requested a bit ago. I actually have 2 versions of this one, one that looks pretty absurd (in my opinion) but better represents the nature of this series, and one that looks less absurd. I'll likely revisit them later on when I have some more time. C&C appreciated if you guys have any better ways to make them work! Vegas is completed and will be up next.
  8. In honor of today, I have a little bonus for you guys. 2 bonus logos, actually. I should have saved the Leafs for today, but hindsight is 20/20, so let's go with the next closest: the green team who eventually became the Leafs. Also, for those interested, here's a link to my entire Imgur album of these designs. Nothing extra that isn't here, as I update the album right before I post it here, but just a collection of all of them in one place.
  9. I wonder what that design would look like in gold ... seeing as I would expect the Pens to use a gold alternate next year. Also, Letang is 58 and Guentzel is 59, not sure which you were going for there.
  10. Still haven't had time to work on any requests, so let's move on with another playoff team I had complete.
  11. Have had no time to work on Anaheim or Vegas (but they'll be coming), so let's move on with one of the ones I already had finished.
  12. Haven't had time to complete the Anaheim request as that one may take a bit longer than most, but I did have Ottawa done already, so Ottawa it is.
  13. Let's move on with our next request ... Minnesota's wordmark. This was a fun one to do for sure.
  14. You're probably right, I may do them after the NHL, I'll keep it in mind. After a few days off let's continue here, and since we had a request for Calgary, let's do them. The next request will be posted tomorrow, because yes, it is also already done.
  15. Not bad in a vacuum, but looks way too similar to Nashville's new look, and I would expect the road jersey to suffer from the same color balancing problems that Nashville has now.