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  1. Does Long Island have a real shot at it this year? Good to see we are playoff regulars again at least.
  2. Always found found it interesting how Quebec and Winnipeg both held on in this universe but were the IRL teams to move.
  3. The Claymores are damned to be the Hartford Whalers of this universe im affraid.
  4. The Concords are year...I can feel it.
  5. It's a shame they have to play this years champs in round 1 🛫
  6. Im gonna go with rays in 6 but should be a great series either way.
  7. We will make the playoffs eventually....hopefully...someday maybe
  8. Gatta ask was the bear in the portland logo a subtle tribute to the portland grizzlies?
  9. The league must be starting to get concerned about the recent VBs not being entertaining. Especialy with the new up abd coming league to deal with.
  10. Love everything about Long Islands new threads but the orange stripe on the front. Teal and orange hopefully return someday though.
  11. Love the new Sealions jersey! Its simple yet effective.
  12. Im kinda sad the drought is was a cool storyline thats now ended. Who has the longest drought now?
  13. Reverse of the curse or back to back? Either way great storylines.
  14. Orlando wizards, Nashville Pitch, Denver peaks
  15. Couple of Concords scoring big goals..sign of things to come hopfuly.
  16. A return of the orange and blue would be great for Long Island. Maybe an all orange tracksuit 3rd like their original jersey.
  17. Nice a uni change for Long Island. Knowing us it will be unique for sure.
  18. How many years is Long Island away from contending or with the new addition of 1st round talent can we go deep this year?
  19. I think Denver should go back to green and red but that's just me.
  20. Good Finals. Next year hopefuly the Concordes make the playoffs and make some noise.
  21. Nice concept for Florida! Quick holiday question, do any AFA teams alawys play on every Thanksgiving like the real life Cowboys and Lions?
  22. Veras has a franchise called the Grizzlies in his project so i don't think that'l happen. Would be a cool way to give a nod to the GHL team though.
  23. I won't make you wait long. Atlanta Blaze/ Blazers, Americans, Warriors. Portland Rosebuds, Ice, snowhawks, thunder birds.
  24. This confirms NOLA to Houston in the near future in my mind
  25. I heard a rumor that the owners of the Grey Wolves, Bighorns, and Nuggets are putting pressure on Byrd to avoid Portland. No evidence, just speculation.