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  1. You my friend.....are the man!
  2. I'm a student at ASU and I'm not really impressed. What's sad is the firm that came up with it, that we paid crazy money for. It's not horrible on a t-shirt but it's not great. I had a concept or two but they just didnt catch on. Theres like four more variations of the wordmark and logo together that they had at the ceremony, one particular had the wolf located between Red & Wolves. It looked OK. Spoon eyes and all.
  3. Very Nice, from one hogfan to another!
  4. How about "The Oneders", and everyone will call them the wrong name, and we will all sing "That Thing You Do"........ I like it!
  5. Sorry if this has already been posted, just wondering what everyone thought?
  6. 1- C- BC Lions 2- L- Buffalo Bills 3- B- KC Royals
  7. Hey Pee Wee, seen any good movies lately!
  8. Yes that is the turf, and it was very expensive. I agree, it was badly needed. The last home game of the season should have been coined "The Mud Bowl". Like you said last year it was Troy, and the year before it was North Texas. It was horrible. I believe MTSU has turf and the last few times we have played there, ASU was stomped on both sides of the ball. Just hope it's not a sign of things to come.
  9. Yeah, it was unofficially decided earlier in the summer that they would put the block stAte logo on the field & helmets until the whole mascot issue was resolved. The stAte logo was already being used alot on campus and widely marketed in Jonesboro, so it kinda just fit. was: now: field: Anyway's, just thought I would shed a little more light on the subject. Also for what it's worth I havn't liked any ASU logo since stAte & Runnin Joe used back in they day.