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  1. yo is that Rick fox on the last slide?
  2. make green great again
  3. A step backwards in my opinion if that is the official font... Puke green started with the Hawks and I guess it's going around There are the same amount of puke green teams (timberwolves&hawks) than normal green teams (bucks&celtics)
  4. I like the thunder but I have them in the top worst jerseys along with Indiana and Memphis, glad to see Nike coming in
  5. I agree! And Charlotte wasnt too bad either
  6. You guys go 3 pages with the Bulls pinstripe and nobody mentions this? These are my ALL TIME favorite NBA jerseys any era! The Font! The colors! The team wasnt half bad too!
  7. the current pacers is better? youre serious? pacers and grizzlies currently have the worst unis in basketball aside from the clippers which is a given
  8. we'll start with atlantic division with the knicks I like this logo the best. I dont see why they got rid of black. Black seems to fit into orange/blue better than grey does
  9. i had to make it broad so i can have people to talk to i wanted to initially talk about every team's best designs. i'll get it started
  10. i never even notcied the difference i like the panels on the pacers one though. but only because the jersey is white.
  11. pacers are better suns are better hawks are better bulls is better. but i agree today is far from the best.
  12. i dont think it should change. I like the iconic orange. but it would be cool to see the r,w,b ball used in the all star game or finals or something of the sorts. special occasion games atleast. heck reason for the nba to make money theyre gonna jump on the idea
  13. First I'd like to start off with the ABA for a page or 2. who misses when the basketball used to look like this?
  14. whoever made fun of the 90s needs to go die in a hole