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  1. yes! just what the NBA needs! more RWB! You can thank the Wizards, 76ers, Pistons, Nuggets. By 2050 all 32 teams will have some combinations of Red or Blue, probably even both
  2. I liked the teal. every team in sports is going rwb now
  3. so much better than the black and white. San Antonio used to have a branding scheme and they ditched it lol. too cartoony people say but i will forever love this look
  4. i 100% believe that people on this forum could make better jersey mockups than nike
  5. Anyone know how to submit a picture via smartphone. Why does it make me type in the URL
  6. Yeah man the clippers rebrand
  7. nah man. call them cartoon jerseys all you want. just cause YOU dont like them doesnt mean the league will get rid of them. You realize there are some teams that sell more throwback than their current set i.e. > magic, raptors, grizzlies
  8. 90s is the best era of nba jerseys and you cant tell me otherwise
  9. sure bro, blame the court for the sucky team...makes no sense
  10. i love late 90s early 2000s nba identities. some dont like it cause its cartoonish. but atleast each team has their own identity. back when raptors and rockets had distinguished uniforms lol
  11. When does the 25th anniversary Grizzlies gear release?
  12. i love teal in NBA, grizzlies, hornets, pistons, or sky blue like cavaliers, lakers, kings, purple like bucks, raptors, jazz
  13. weren;t thos numbers supposed to be blue? or was that a diff year?
  14. kinda what pacers did. started red hickory for 2 years and this year the white. the Charlotte uni is top 10 in nba history
  15. people (MLB fans) tend to hate when going back to older looks and colorways. BUT WHY? NBA going in the opposite direction of design in my eyes. Thats why throwback NBA jersey sales are on a huge incline, I work with Lids and get data of jersey sales in our tiny district
  16. im just sick of RWB color scheme. I know its iconic but teams used to have better color schemes: NO, VAN, TOR, MIL, NJ, CLE, SAS, WAS, UTAH, SEA, so much better schemes. notice only one of those teams used RWB, NJ. just my take though
  17. the nba f'd up not going east vs west. hate me now. kick me from the forums, i dont care. I'm glad i can talk to you guys who actually know stuff and design and dislike 8/10 things that nike has changed or produced. taking away the finals script was strike 1. strike 2 was jersey ads. strike 3 is a non east vs. west asg. what should we expect now? a game of h-o-r-s-e?
  18. RED BLUE is better!
  19. I agree all about the money yo, dont you know how nike works? (yes im aware black and gold are from years past too,)
  20. city jerseys release the 27th for purchase but are teams playing with them for christmas? Philly and Boston are rite?
  21. I guess if you aren't from Indiana you don't understand the very rich culture of basketball past this state has had. the city the land the north I'm glad we aren't one of those ?
  22. Dallas was too long and wouldn't fit
  23. you act like the jerseys from the 90s are bad...
  24. LOL I get the "town" jerseys to an extent, but the community jerseys are like the black red and yellow chinese new year jerseys LMAO
  25. why are throwbacks always better than the current jerseys. i.e. 2017-2018 nike: I like Hornets, Heat, Warriors, Bucks, Suns, and Hawks throwbacks more than the current. Lakers is a toss up cause I love them both, Pacers is a toss up because i like neither of them.