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  1. DeezNuts

    Las Vegas Desert Knights(updated)

    If Vegas's team doesn't have knights in it, Watchmen, Vultures, or Wildcats would be my options instead
  2. I still think Milwaukee could get an Expansion team
  3. If there is ever a stadium change can you bring it up?
  4. I'm having a prediction for the next couple of seasons: ( It's just predictions guys, chill ) -The Metros move to Milwaukee -The Concords make the playoffs every year for awhile, but never win the Lewis cup -Kansas City and Houston get expansion teams
  5. DeezNuts

    2016 NCAA Football Thread

    AP Top 10 prediction for week 6 1. Alabama 2. Ohio St 3. Clemson 4. Michigan 5. Washington 6. Houston 7. Texas A&M 8. Baylor 9. Tennessee 10. Miami
  6. DeezNuts

    2016 NCAA Football Thread

    I called Tennessee's Hail Mary today over Georgia
  7. I didn't know that existed, cut me a break guys, c'mon
  8. DeezNuts

    World Hockey League 1991-92 (GMs Needed!)

    Isn't Ontario in Canada?
  9. Any see Tennessee's last second Hail Mary finish over Georgia, earlier today? B/c I totally call it.