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  1. If Vegas's team doesn't have knights in it, Watchmen, Vultures, or Wildcats would be my options instead
  2. AP Top 10 prediction for week 6 1. Alabama 2. Ohio St 3. Clemson 4. Michigan 5. Washington 6. Houston 7. Texas A&M 8. Baylor 9. Tennessee 10. Miami
  3. I called Tennessee's Hail Mary today over Georgia
  4. Can you make the Memphis Hornets because Memphis was original relocation option til the Grizzlies took that spot
  5. What if the Supersonics stayed in Seattle
  6. I just realized another scenario for the Barons, in 2000 the Blue Jackets are founded in Cleveland and called the Barons
  7. In 1991, the San Jose Sharks expansion is postponed until 2000 when they replace the Blue-Jackets because the Barons replace them in Ohio
  8. Someone should make a fictional football league on here about the video game Blitz the League 2 and use its players and teams, and if your thinking, NO, I can't do it because I don't know how to start one of these things
  9. What if the Grizzlies never had those losing seasons in Vancouver so, they stay The Hornets then would move to Memphis, that was where they were gonna move until the Grizzlies took that spot