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  1. This would make a great center court logo.
  2. I think a splash of red is needed on the Quakes as it looks a bit too similar to the Impact. Good job all around though. Looking forward to LAFC.
  3. The road uniform should say Detroit but good job nonetheless.
  4. Looking forward to the Clippers.
  5. I really liked the Miami Sol. It was a short lived team but had a great logo.
  6. Reminds me a bit too much of the Raptors court but at least the idea is there.
  7. So the Clippers are getting new uniforms?
  8. Muuuch better.
  9. When you compare the St. Louis Rams and LA Rams logo (even though they are basically the same), the extra outline adds a lot of motion to it. Just for fun...
  10. I actually really like the navy and white Rams logo. I hope the Rams don't change it too drastically.
  11. I like it. Love how clean they are.
  12. Not feeling the Grizzlies. A bit D league for my liking.
  13. An homage to this script (which is outstanding and totally original and totally should be back in the endzones).
  14. I I preferred their blue alts which they rarely wore but they looked outstanding. The most perfect shade of blue. Even their blue alts from the mid 2000s were superior that what they currently wear (and I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't hate their current identity). I would've loved for the Clippers to rebrand themselves based off of this. Change the script and you have something nice.
  15. I have to say that while I would love to see the Rams return to some variation of royal blue and gold, I do like their navy blue and white. Though we are caught in a state of flux with this weird STL/LA color scheme. In 2019, I have a feeling that we'll see aspects of all of their uniforms in one. In my ideal world, I'd love for them to take elements of their color rush uniforms implemented into their new design. Something like this... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/14746942/uni-watch-contest-results-how-redesign-rams-return-los-angeles
  16. This is just about perfect. One of the better DBacks concepts that I've seen.
  17. Looking forward of the Los Angeles Angeles of Southern California in the CIty of Anaheim.
  18. A black alternate would round out this set perfectly.
  19. These are wayyy better than they should be. The Las Vegas Raiders should look at your Kings concept for ideas. These are all really good.
  20. That Sota uniforms makes me want to quench my thirst. I'd either go with Wolves of MPLS for the alt.
  21. You should put 'Minnesota' on the away and the green alt. Otherwise, not terrible. It needs a logo or two.
  22. Can you make the silver look more silver and less brown?
  23. Probably the best Coyotes concept I've seen on this board. The teal really makes it pop.
  24. Just for comparisons sake, could you recolor the Stars uni to the green they use now? I'm a casual hockey fan but I'm enjoying this series. Looking forward to the Kings.
  25. Vegas is probably the only city in the NFL that could get away with something a bit off the wall. I like the oversized helmet logo.