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  1. I actually don't hate the blue over bone. It makes me really want to see bone over blue.
  2. Chicago is renowned for its architecture. The First and Second Chicago School, Art Deco, Modern, Post Modern, Brutalist, amongst many. Not counting Chicago's numerous art deco skyscrapers such as the Carbon and Carbide Building, Chicago Board of Trade, the enormous Merchandise Mart, Mather Building, and literally hundreds of other buildings. The Bulls got it absolutely right.
  3. It's not terrible but there is a LOT going on. Everything is from the department of redundancy department. The LAC roundel that simply says Clippers Basketball 50 seasons is better than the badge itself. I'd love to see that at center court.
  4. All of this. I'm from SoCal and I love having football in Los Angeles. The more I look at the Rams logo, the more I like it. It's really slick and if you squint hard enough, you can see the Gateway Arch. A node to their St. Louis days. But I love that both teams are in blue and yellow but totally distinct from each other. Both teams I feel did a great job overall.
  5. I quite like both the Rams and Chargers update. The fact that both teams are using variations of blue and gold (yellow) is a nice way to say that both teams belong to LA. I absoutely love the Rams new colors. So pleasing to the eyes. Looking forward to both teams uniforms,
  6. Looking forward to the Clippers. Please no nautical theme.
  7. That's one of the things that I hope that the Rams own. Other than yellow at home, I really hope that the cool, art deco style of their wordmark translates well into their new identity. LAFC created a very cool and instantly recognizable identity based around their simple crest and wordmark. I'd cream on myself if we get a modernized version of this in the endzones. Or even just this. Any of you photoshop wizards could you do this but in Neutraface?
  8. This font is called Neutraface which is inspired by Richard Neutra who was a famous modernist architect who has quite a few of his buildings in SoCal. LAFC uses Neutraface as well.
  9. Hate the Cowboys but these are really nice. Minor things: I would keep the number outline as well as add 'Cowboys' below the neckline.
  10. Retire the navy uniform and promote the Color Rush to the alternate and never change.
  11. Actually, I'm more partial to these to be honest.