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  1. Goran The Man

    Driveball Redux (1957 Results)

    What happens with the game of driveball in Canada? Will major league driveball return to Canada after the Titans relocate? As in will Toronto and Montreal get teams again in the future, and possibly Vancouver?
  2. Is the player Dimitrije Djokovic a descendant of Novak Djokovic or somewhat related to him in this timeline?
  3. I would vote for the one on the left too. I was confused what "VL" meant, kudos to @Jimmy Lethal for saying it was actually meant to be the number, in this case, should be XLV.
  4. For the Adelaide team, will the team be sponsored by a SANFL team since the Melbourne teams have sponsorship from VFL teams and Geelong is the same too? Plus the SANFL was on par with the VFL in the Australian rules football pyramid in the 1960s.
  5. Going back to the AML, despite the Carlton Warriors being affiliated with Carlton and the Washington Warriors, would they use a monogram in their jerseys much like Carlton in the AFL (with CMC on the jersey much like their CFC)? Would the Geelong team wear the navy and white hoops much like the Australian rules team? Would the Gold Coast team survive at least a few years since in 1965 their population was quite small and in the present day a professional sports team struggles to survive there - relocation to Brisbane on the cards? Or maybe sometime in the future could Tasmania get a team since Australian rules football is very popular there: if Wollongong can get a team, why not Tasmania?
  6. And at the moment, do all teams play each other twice in the NAML? With that, it seems pointless to have divisions - instead it would look better if it was one league table - that way more deserving teams make playoffs (Milwaukee did better than New York and Philadelphia but the Dragons failed to make playoffs unlike the latter two).
  7. I predict the Walleye to win their first ever championship, defeating Toronto.
  8. Going back to the nicknames, the name 'Baltimore Bannerets' is a totally intimidating and cool nickname, and I think a real life team should use 'Bannerets' one day!
  9. Agreed with TargetToad here about being too modern. Reminds me of the New Balance logo. Looks like what you would see in the 1980s at the earliest (the team could use this in the 1980s). This is 1904. Plus Babe the Blue Ox was not popularised until 1916.
  10. To be honest the ideas of the club names are there, just need to be executed a bit better. That being said some are very good nicknames, such as the Boston Shipwrights and Philadelphia Libbies. Cleveland Forest is another good name, reminds me of Nottingham Forest. Although a club name like St. Louis Big Deals is just strange and illogical as a team name. The Indianapolis team could be like Indianapolis Circle City, Philadelphia Sports could be Philadelphia Sporting Club, with 'Sports' as the nickname.
  11. My prediction for the Urquhart Cup is between Michigan and Montreal, with Michigan to go back-to-back.
  12. And if Adelaide and Perth got markball teams, SANFL and WAFL teams could sponsor them (since these two leagues were roughly on par with the VFL in the Australian rules football pyramid in 1965).
  13. I think the Ballarat team should go with Rebels, in reference to the Eureka Stockade (the Melbourne Rebels don't exist until 2011 in real life so that will be fine). The Sydney team should go with the Orcas, since lots of Sydney-based teams in real life use nicknames related to animals from the sea and water (e.g. Swans*, Sea Eagles, Sharks*, Eels). Newcastle should go with Miners due to its coal industry. The Wollongong team should go with Ironmen due to its steel and ironworks industry. * - The Swans did not move to Sydney until 1982 and Cronulla was not formed until 1967.
  14. I'm a little surprised Brisbane and/or Adelaide were not selected, especially the fact Australian rules football is very popular in Adelaide. Perth is Australian rules football mad too, though distance to the other teams would be worrisome. It's interesting to have a Gold Coast team before a Brisbane team.
  15. And will markets the MLB did not have teams in the early 20th century have teams in the league pyramid soon (e.g. Buffalo, Indianapolis, Richmond, Newark, Minneapolis, Columbus or even smallish cities like Rockford, Grand Rapids, Des Moines)?