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  1. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    A small history of the finals between the teams - up to the 1928 finals: SG indicates it was done in a single game. Numbers next to the team indicate how many games they won in the MAHL finals.
  2. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    So les Bleus are on the board now. Congrats to the Voyageurs for their first title! I wonder how Tschida would've felt after game five...
  3. Wow the Canadian teams had really good years! Could the Nationals or les Eveques bring the trophy back to Canada?
  4. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    Well that's eight wooden spoons in a row for poor Stillwater...and four in a row for Soudan...
  5. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    That Chisholm uniform is a piece of beauty! I can see it even surviving to the present-day with that design! And in the first round of the playoffs, that Eveleth derby would have been significant! Poor Soudan and Stillwater - they can't catch a break with so many disappointing and uncompetitive seasons...
  6. Could Tampa Bay have a new acronym for cheering - which could be convenient in over 25 years time in Veras time? YTB! - an acronym for: "Yeah Tampa Bay!" or "Yeah the Bobcats!" (note it was not my original idea)
  7. Personally it is nice to see Kazakhstan in the WHC. Because in real life at least they play in the highest ice hockey tier and why not here? Besides that, there would be a country predominantly populated in Asia in the WHC which will be a bonus.
  8. Personally Ursula could go with a double blue. A combination of sky blue (since Uranus originates from 'ouranos', meaning sky) and mid-blue, with gold accents - similar colours to the Kansas City Royals.
  9. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    Do the Twin Cities and Iron Range Hockey Leagues play each other in inter-league games and other opponents (since the W-L-T tends to add up for both leagues combined and not separately - with a total record of 169-165-26 (taking 2 wins away from Virginia to ensure each team has played 24 games))? Plus there is a small error for the Virginia Royals' W-L-T record, since it showed them playing 26 games as opposed to 24 for the rest of the league. It is interesting how Duluth does not have multiple hockey teams but Eveleth does, considering Duluth's much larger population. The small Iron Range town designs are still excellent - Chisholm just absorb the fire by naming the team after it! Hibbing's design is excellent - lovely!
  10. Personally I think once it expands to 12 teams, the regular season should expand to 22 games, with each team playing each other twice.
  11. The standings show Michigan as 12-8-1 when in the post you mentioned the Bandits were 11-8-1. In addition Milwaukee are shown with 12 points and not 15. New York can't seem to catch a break...poor Knights - always have promise at the start only for it to backfire during the season - much like a prototype design failing its final test.
  12. Goran The Man

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1930 Finals

    The Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - the Iron Range Hockey League reminds me of a country Australian rules football league. Will the Minnesota Amateur Hockey League eventually expand outside of the state and turn professional? And possibly evolve/assimilate into a national competition (much like the AFL and NRL in Australia)? The designs are awesome - I love the Ely one! Go Black Bears!
  13. Wow! How did les Évêques get to the final? That is a significant achievement for Montreal - only in their third season and two years removed from a winless season!
  14. To be honest the Vancouver fans in that timeline were finally glad to see their team reach the Lewis Cup Finals after almost 45 seasons of futility (counts the first incarnation of the Bighorns), unlike the Canucks in OTL (who have made the Stanley Cup finals twice in a shorter time span). Bighorns fans in that timeline would just have been content with an appearance.
  15. Goran The Man

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    My preference would be a slight modification of alignment A, with Carolina and Dallas swapped around (which in OTL (our timeline) will never happen - Jerry Jones would never let the Cowboys leave the NFC East). Here's the alignment: AFC East: Buffalo, Miami, New England, NY Jets AFC North: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh AFC South: Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, St Louis AFC West: Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle NFC East: Carolina, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington NFC North: Chicago, Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota NFC South: Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa Bay NFC West: Arizona, LA Rams, San Francisco, Portland