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  1. AFL to NHL Crossover (Brisbane posted 12/5) (C&C wanted)

    These footy to ice hockey concepts are really good! As @goalieboy82 mentioned, heritage jerseys can be done (e.g. older versions of the St. Kilda and Carlton logos, 70s-80s Marbold era VFL-style logos (Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne, Richmond just to name a few), or try a green/red Freo jersey). A Fitzroy ice hockey crossover would be nice or try even the Brisbane Bears (you could put it in the Brisbane Lions throwbacks/heritage jerseys). Or go smaller-scale and work on SANFL and WAFL clubs if you want to.
  2. United States Cricket League

    Interesting to see a concept for an American cricket league. It's going to be very exciting to what pans out for each cricket team - could the league more resemble a T20 franchise league much like the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and the Indian Premier League? If it was real they could potentially play teams in the Caribbean Premier League.
  3. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    So @jmoe12 are you planning to finish off the USRU before you re-start the AFA (doing all the teams except Buffalo, which is already done)? I can't wait for the 10th concept!
  4. I think the Desperados will stay in Dallas as I have said before. If a team is going to move, it would be New Orleans. Denver should just return to the red and green as it is their traditional outfit.
  5. Wow! Poor Philly...it was a massive twist to the story seeing Toronto win the Eastern division - of course the Chargers were going to start tough but 2-38 is actually very sad with a .050 record. And what an improvement from Seattle, more than quintupling their win total from last season! Can't wait for the 2019 playoffs and potential expansion teams!
  6. My vote goes to the top left - that is surely one intimidating swamp monster!

    I would suggest to also add Dockers, Cats, Sea Eagles, Tykes, Concordes, 36ers to the list.
  8. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    I have a curious question @jmoe12. Has Premier Rugby been professional before 1995, when rugby union in our timeline became professional? If it was professional before 1995, does rugby union become professionalised a lot earlier globally in that timeline? And is the Rugby World Cup a lot more popular in this timeline? And do teams typically have foreign players in their squads (given contracts are what the NFL is like in our timeline)?
  9. For the Portland team, Roses, Woods (representing the forests of Oregon), Salmons should be suggested as nicknames. The Atlanta team should try Winds (based on Gone with the Wind), Sunrisers, Peaches. Using Grizzlies doesn't hurt - whilst the GHL team didn't last long - it was really more because the GHL was a new product and many people in Portland would've seen it as a Mickey Mouse competition. Grizzlies can be another suggestion, just like what @Veras, @FDW and @CodeG said. Will they go with blue and white like the original Grizzlies though?
  10. My votes go to: Denver and Calgary Edited to include nickname suggestions: Denver: try Denver Mounties or Denver Bighorns or Denver Mules Calgary: try Calgary Drillers or Calgary Moose or Calgary Bisons
  11. First time expansion committee member Julian De Luca, a lawyer in Newark, has given his two votes. Born on 24 July 1940, De Luca is an avid Civics fan and owns one of the most respected law firms in the world, 'De Luca Lawyers', which have bases not just in Canada and the United States, but also all around Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, most of east Asia and most of Europe with plans to hit the African market soon. He wants to be involved with the future of the league. 1. Houston - Houston has potential to be a very strong hockey market and will actually help further grow the game in Texas - an immediate rivalry with the Desperados will be beneficial not only to the Houston team, but also to the Dallas Desperados and Texan hockey. It's too big of a market to ignore. The fans in Houston desperately want their own team! 2. Atlanta - Atlanta certainly have been waiting for their own team and hockey fans in the state of Georgia will increase heavily if an Atlanta team is added - the eastern Deep South needs a hockey team. The stadium is of a good quality and Cartwright wants to commit to the franchise - he will be dedicated to help Atlanta succeed! 3. Portland - Portland is a very committed hockey market but the problem is its size. Despite creating potential rivalries with the Grey Wolves and Nuggets (and the Bighorns to a lesser extent), the league wouldn't grow as much with a Portland team compared to a Houston and Atlanta team. 4. Tampa - Floridians have warmed to the Stingrays and the stadium is very strong, but the city is not exactly ready yet - especially if a basketball team is formed - adding two teams at once is dangerous. 5. Phoenix - A lot of people in Arizona can get into the game. Whilst the owner wants to commit to the proposed team, the people in Phoenix are unfamiliar with the game and it would more be a relocation market. Potentially there will be more away fans in matches against the more popular teams in the desert. 6. Memphis - Whilst it helps grow the game in Tennessee, the problem is the lack of arena. It's too big of a risk if there is not a 100% chance a modern arena will be built.
  12. They may have knocked the Wizards out, but let's go Winnipeg! For this occasion, carn the Pioneers! (It's nice to see a team win it for the first time.)
  13. My predictions for the AFL South are: New Orleans, Tampa Bay, San Antonio, Houston.
  14. In terms of relocation talk, I actually think the Desperados will stay in Dallas, but the Sound will move (I don't think anyone in New Orleans would care about a consistently losing team in a sport the people are not familiar with). The Sound could return to Nova Scotia and become the Claymores 2.0 (since the Sound officially inherit the history of the Claymores, the Sound's record could be included in the Claymores' history books)
  15. My predictions for these four teams are: Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and Arizona. The Denver one will be second from left (hinting from the Charlotte Racers fun facts section)