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  1. Congrats to Seattle for their first championship - and good on Miami for reaching the Lewis Cup final for the first time! It's good in my point of view that the Wizards made an upset in the first round (though got eliminated in the 2nd round) but seeing new champions winning it is a pleasure to see! In addition, congratulations to the Sound for their first playoff appearance in the Big Easy! (As much as it's heartbreaking seeing the team leave Nova Scotia - the Claymores were lovable like a labrador, it's actually good to see teams in non-traditional locations perform well for the good of the game, real or fictional) Can't wait for 2002-03!
  2. Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2523 Sesaon

    My top 3 are: B, A and G.
  3. Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2523 Sesaon

    I like option one better - makes a more balanced schedule for all teams and enables more deserving teams to make the playoffs in each league. And there are a couple of typos/errors: it reads '2532' instead of '2523' and that the Venus Reign is labelled as the Venus Valkyries still.
  4. North American Professional Australian Football League

    I also think trying Inkscape is not a bad idea.
  5. Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2523 Sesaon

    I would move Jupiter to the Astro League and put both expansion teams in the Cosmo League. When it gets to 16, put Mendez in the Astro League.
  6. Name: Giovanni "John" Frangione Bio: Born in Sant'Agnello, near Napoli (Naples) in Italy in 1898, he settled and currently lives in Philadelphia, moving to Philly at the age of 7 with his family in 1905. He studied at Villanova University and is the CEO of Pennsylvania Bank. He is a passionate Markball fan and is a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Falcons, and played for the Philadelphia Falcons between 1925-1927. Current team: New York Knights - largest market. It attracts a lot of people into the game and the highest amount of followers - with larger potential audience compared to other current teams. Expansion team: Boston - largest market out of the expansion teams and travel times will be easier for most teams with a Boston team in relative to other markets which are sustainable for a team. Possible names: Boston Shamrocks (nod to Boston's Irish heritage - don't confuse with the Boston Celtics in OTL) or Boston Pilgrims (reference to the Mayflower settling in 1620).
  7. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    I believe the pentagon is good. Doesn't matter if it's similar to the New York Cricket Club, the Washington D.C. team with the pentagon logo is fitting - it references the Pentagon - the headquarters of the US Department of Defense.
  8. Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2523 Sesaon

    For the 2nd Earth team they should definitely be placed in Japan. Japan is baseball-mad and brings SLB to the Eastern Hemisphere. The question is what is the population of Japan like in the 26th century? The Caribbean wouldn't be a bad idea with Cuba and the Dominican Republic being baseball-mad though cricket is popular there (in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and other English-speaking islands) as well.
  9. In 2000, would the Chicago Butchers wear the Chicago Threes jersey in a game in commemoration of their 100th anniversary? And in 1995 will teams wear throwback jerseys in the same week or in different weeks?
  10. Why are draws worth 2 points in the standings while wins are only worth 3 (normally a draw is worth half as much as a win at most in terms of points)?
  11. Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2523 Sesaon

    I have good proposals for the two leagues for Solar League Baseball: They could be called: the Sputnik League and the Vanguard League - both representing the first launches into space.
  12. The updated list of teams with the Excel file - accommodating the additions of Portland and Atlanta. The one with the full team names: The one with just the locations:
  13. So Wayne Carey comes out of retirement of Australian rules football to play Dashball? He looks headed to Canada
  14. Portland's identity is spot on - and the uniforms are on trend for the 2000s! For Atlanta, the identity is over the top - and the colours are similar to the Vancouver Bighorns and copper is hardly emphasised. The snakes on the shoulders are very cool and bring in a distinct identity for the Copperheads. For the 2000s it is very trendy with the piping - that is overall an excellent storyline job Hawkfan! Overall these are marvellous identities for both franchises and good luck to them for the 2001-02 season!
  15. Actually you actually gave the current number font new life - it looks refreshed and improved! It looks more intimidating with the Rams' traditional colours and without the outline.