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  1. There is a scoring error - Atlanta's total was shown to be 13 when the description and quarter-by-quarter score totalled 17. My predictions for the Victory Bowl matchup: Cincinnati will play Minnesota.
  2. The UFL Project – #2 Miami Pirates

    Miami Pirates - I could imagine them chanting "Swing the Cutless!" The logo even has a couple of cutlasses!
  3. My predictions: California to produce an upset against Cincinnati - Whales win 24-17. Minnesota to defeat Pittsburgh - Angels win 16-10. Houston to defeat Detroit - Hurricanes win 34-31. Atlanta to defeat New York - Rebels win 17-13. At this point my Victory Bowl prediction is Minnesota vs. Houston with the Angels winning.
  4. Then the Garglers of Chokecinnati return - though at least they have a Victory Bowl next to their name now.
  5. My predictions for the 2 expansion teams are: Houston (to be slotted into the Central division) and Atlanta (to be slotted into the South division).
  6. Again, Cincinnati finish a high seed, Minnesota and Pittsburgh make playoffs again. California just got lucky to sneak into the playoffs on the basis of a weak division. My predictions for the wild card round: Pittsburgh to defeat Cleveland Baltimore to defeat Detroit Can't wait what the 1987 season playoffs will pan out - it sucks that the Butchers continue to prop up the Northern Division, but can't wait to see who takes home the Victory Bowl!
  7. That Arizona BFBS set is ace! Still sticks to tradition as well! To be honest I was expecting a black home, but that was a pleasant surprise! Call them the Zapdoses as well!
  8. Arizona Firebirds...they are becoming the Arizona Burntbirds!
  9. Whoa! Philly just inch through into the playoffs! It's going to be a thrilling playoff series! P.S. I have chosen to support the LA Wizards in the PHL mainly due to their 1969-1995 logo - 4th is not bad even though losing the division on tiebreakers is hard to take. And P.S. there is a division error next to the Quebec Nationale logo.
  10. Asterix, I actually do think the Cents being the West's most popular team is a possibility (the Whales I could see as the other possibility and maybe the Comets due to having a large market despite performing poorly recently). I believe though out of the teams in the west the Cents would have a greater national spread in their fan base compared to other western teams. Success does help a lot, and I do agree that Blitz is also a marketing and national icon - other past players such as St. Mark would have been marketing/national icons as well. P.S. I really love your profile pic - Asterix is an awesome comic book series!
  11. A very lopsided game - and Krause is having the last laugh after Pittsburgh's annihilation of Portland. Whilst I wanted Portland to win, congrats to the Miners on Victory Bowl #9! Out of curiosity, are there lots of games when the Miners play away, their fans outnumber the home crowd?
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha - couldn't get any more Vegas than that! In seriousness though I don't want to see anyone move at all - it would be unfair on Edmonton (and anyone) to lose their team and community connections are the best way to devote connections to teams - it can reach tribalism levels (like generations of the same family support the same team based in that city). In any universe, like our timeline or the PHL timeline, say for example generations of Nova Scotians supported the Claymores (even though the Claymores only lasted 36 years) it's a big loss for communities and I could see teams, especially the smaller market teams being ways to connect families together.
  13. Phoenix Northern Lights - now that is a contender for the strangest name in anything !
  14. This is huge for Portland and the 41st Victory Bowl is a battle between the Miners and the Dragons! I'm really excited how this pans out and good luck to both teams! Whilst I have chosen to support the Butchers as my first choice team, in the 41st Victory Bowl, go Dragons! I would just like to see the Portland fans have something to celebrate and a new champion - it's going to be annoying in the non-Miners fan persective if Pittsburgh wins their ninth (they would have like 22% of all Victory Bowls if they win). It will be a massive event in Portland if the Dragons win - I could see Portland being painted in two shades of green for that event!
  15. CodeG, as mentioned in a slightly earlier post by Veras, the Portland Dragons have now been partially owned by the city of Portland. As a result, in practice, the chances of relocation are pretty much impossible. The Oregon Dome had its lease extended to 1990 and it is likely the Dragons will build a new home stadium pretty soon.