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  1. I think the real reason Winnipeg did not relocate was its arena - in the 1990s their arena (the CanaDome) was depicted to be one of the most attractive in the league (unlike the Jets in OTL). The Pioneers have unfortunately typically struggled but at least they have their share of hardcore and passionate fans in the PHL - ironically their highest ever placing was in the era of no salary cap (in a situation smaller markets would have typically struggled at the expense of say the Civics, Shamrocks, Wizards). Note: OTL is an acronym for 'our timeline'.
  2. Finally the Wizards are back to the beloved purple and orange! Great to see the Wizards looking to their glorious days. Let's go Wizards! #WizOPs! #LetsGoWizards (In reality it's a bit early in PHL time for hashtags)
  3. Did the Miami Heat switch sports over 500 years down the track? And for the 2530 season, finally PUA are in the playoffs! Let's go Emperors!
  4. My predictions for the AFA playoff quarter-finals: Detroit to literally slay Portland - 38-7 Houston to sink Boston - 27-21 Cleveland to frighten Tampa Bay - 20-13 Kansas City to swoop Milwaukee - 10-7
  5. Personal nickname suggestions: Montreal: Saints Angels Fleurs Milwaukee: Millers Deers (don't confuse with Bucks in OTL) Riders
  6. Frangione will vote again and his top 3 votes go to: 1. Montreal - Canada needs a 2nd team and Montreal is simply too large to ignore. 2. Ottawa - Whilst not the largest market, Ottawans are crazy about their team and there would be a mass following immediately, due to the stadium that holds 18% of the city's population and selling out EML games. 3. Milwaukee - Stadium is of fine quality and fans will support the team - brings lots of people to the game but nearby Chicago scales them back a bit.
  7. Was Reddit born a bit prematurely? For some reason this logo reminds me of Reddit.
  8. Have the Edmonton Northern Lights looked like they have gone 'EVL'? Nazarenko wouldn't be proud at all! @hawkfan89, love the work and you showed the tackiness of the 2000s in a hilarious way that it's actually very interesting for the story! The jerseys for Oakland and Milwaukee are really good - the Milwaukee one, the more I look at it, the better it is! These Quebec uniforms are beautiful - love the work for the Nationale!
  9. American Basketball League (Alternate League!)

    My votes go to Norfolk and Pittsburgh - strongest fanbases for both of these cities.
  10. Our home planet is doing really well for the Astronauts! Having 7 titles for the Astronauts is huge! Congrats to the Earth Astronauts on lucky number 7! Let's go PUA Emperors! You're getting there - a step in the right direction! Hopefully the Emperors have a chance to contend soon.
  11. Congrats to Seattle for their first championship - and good on Miami for reaching the Lewis Cup final for the first time! It's good in my point of view that the Wizards made an upset in the first round (though got eliminated in the 2nd round) but seeing new champions winning it is a pleasure to see! In addition, congratulations to the Sound for their first playoff appearance in the Big Easy! (As much as it's heartbreaking seeing the team leave Nova Scotia - the Claymores were lovable like a labrador, it's actually good to see teams in non-traditional locations perform well for the good of the game, real or fictional) Can't wait for 2002-03!
  12. I like option one better - makes a more balanced schedule for all teams and enables more deserving teams to make the playoffs in each league. And there are a couple of typos/errors: it reads '2532' instead of '2523' and that the Venus Reign is labelled as the Venus Valkyries still.
  13. North American Professional Australian Football League

    I also think trying Inkscape is not a bad idea.