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  1. Very interesting start - I love the Socceroos' away kit with the depiction of the outback and Uluru - we should implement it sometime! But the green is a bit too light for my liking. The French uniforms are legendary! The three crowns for Sweden (or Tre Kronor) is a good take but look a little big on the shirt. Can't wait for more designs!
  2. I believe the pentagon is good. Doesn't matter if it's similar to the New York Cricket Club, the Washington D.C. team with the pentagon logo is fitting - it references the Pentagon - the headquarters of the US Department of Defense.
  3. Actually you actually gave the current number font new life - it looks refreshed and improved! It looks more intimidating with the Rams' traditional colours and without the outline.
  4. Sorry to be a nitpick, but 'Kiser' is spelt incorrectly. It should be 'Kizer'. The Cincinnati set is very bold - I love it, and an idea of using an orange home strip is radical! Cleveland's is good too!
  5. For cosmetic reasons the Philadelphia Eagles jersey in maroon and light blue reminds me of Aston Villa/Burnley/West Ham. Maybe try a light blue and gold Philadelphia version as they are the colours in the city flag? Still the light blue and maroon looks really good. The green and orange to me doesn't ring Philly - feels too tropical (I think of it with oranges and various fruits and crops that grow in tropical climates) to associate with Philadelphia.
  6. These footy to ice hockey concepts are really good! As @goalieboy82 mentioned, heritage jerseys can be done (e.g. older versions of the St. Kilda and Carlton logos, 70s-80s Marbold era VFL-style logos (Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne, Richmond just to name a few), or try a green/red Freo jersey). A Fitzroy ice hockey crossover would be nice or try even the Brisbane Bears (you could put it in the Brisbane Lions throwbacks/heritage jerseys). Or go smaller-scale and work on SANFL and WAFL clubs if you want to.
  7. Interesting to see a concept for an American cricket league. It's going to be very exciting to what pans out for each cricket team - could the league more resemble a T20 franchise league much like the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and the Indian Premier League? If it was real they could potentially play teams in the Caribbean Premier League.
  8. So @jmoe12 are you planning to finish off the USRU before you re-start the AFA (doing all the teams except Buffalo, which is already done)? I can't wait for the 10th concept!
  9. I would suggest to also add Dockers, Cats, Sea Eagles, Tykes, Concordes, 36ers to the list.
  10. I have a curious question @jmoe12. Has Premier Rugby been professional before 1995, when rugby union in our timeline became professional? If it was professional before 1995, does rugby union become professionalised a lot earlier globally in that timeline? And is the Rugby World Cup a lot more popular in this timeline? And do teams typically have foreign players in their squads (given contracts are what the NFL is like in our timeline)?
  11. This is a lovely concept in a world America is a rugby-mad nation. It is interesting how Omaha still has a team in the modern era considering in our timeline they have no major league teams (only temporarily had a part-time major league team in the 1970s). It reminds me of the passion of relatively smaller city teams with storied histories in the world that they devote their energy to their teams (such as Auxerre (French soccer league system, currently Ligue 2 after 30+ consecutive seasons in Ligue 1), Geelong (AFL), Green Bay, Saskatchewan Roughriders and more). I can't wait for more additions to what the other teams will look like!
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