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  1. Come on Évêques! Keep up the form and win the Urquhart Cup! My prediction is a Minnesota vs. Montreal Urquhart Cup, with the Walleye going back-to-back.
  2. Fortunately for the fans in Calgary, Byrd left the commissioner position a few seasons ago. Had Byrd still been in power, the Wranglers would have been shipped off to Arizona or somewhere else in the Sun Belt (surprisingly he didn't do it given he was desperate to rid of the Claymores and the weakening Canadian dollar in the 1990s, though Calgary is Canada's fourth largest city). But the future is bleak there given the lack of funding for a new arena: could they become Ottawa Beavers 2.0? If so, the Roughnecks would join the Central Division, Shamrocks join the North Division, and the Cosmos join the South Division. Meanwhile, go Wizards! Bring on Edmonton!
  3. 1951 SEASON Leading Goalscorer: Hyun Ki-Chang (Grimm) - 101 goals League MVP: Stuart Arlington (Xiong) Apologies for the delay: had some important assessments for my university studies. Ruddy and Ulbrich began their tenure in the GFL, with both sides hosting in their inaugural matches. Ulbrich managed a victory in their first match against Richburg, comfortably accounting for the reigning wooden spooners 17.4 (106) to 10.8 (68). Ruddy was less fortunate, in fact a disastrous start, with the visiting Grimm team too strong, prevailing 26.18 (174) to 5.6 (36). Angerer won against Xiong by 21 points, 14.21 (105) to 12.12 (84). Chavez and Day had a draw, with both sides scoring 11.12 (78) each. Due to the addition of two new teams, each team played each other thrice, for a 21 round regular season. Hyun continued to perform at his best despite getting older. He booted 101 goals, which won him the leading goalscorer for the fourth time in five seasons. His experience and presence up front led the Reapers to a perfect start, winning their first eight games. As a result, this resulted in Grimm managing the highest scoring output for the season. The Reapers never fell below second spot at any point in the season, and wins in their last two games enabled them to secure the minor premiership (best regular season record). Angerer continued to play marvellous football as they compiled a 14-7 record. The Bulls were always in contention, though had a late-season slump. They suffered an embarrassing loss to Ruddy in round 20 when they were heavily expected to win. The Bulls' midfield continued to improve, and William Lindsey continued to defy the odds: at 37 he was consistently scoring goals for the team. After a poor 1950, Xiong rose and returned to the finals. Despite Arlington's return, the Bears had a struggling start, only winning four of their first twelve games. Suddenly, Xiong went up another gear, scoring eight consecutive wins to secure a finals spot. A narrow loss to Grimm in round 21 ended their regular season on a low note, but the Bears will enter the finals in strong form. Arlington played strongly in defence, leading the Bears to the best ranked defensive output. Expected to struggle again, Richburg had a terrible start, only winning one of their first nine matches. Suddenly their fortunes immediately changed when Willie Quinlan returned to the side in round 10. He not only played well, he inspired the rest of the team. It subsequently improved the Bulldogs' performances and suddenly four rounds later, the Bulldogs were within striking range of a finals appearance. The Bulldogs only lost two more matches for the entire season with Quinlan in the team, and won their final four matches to secure a finals spot in a sudden-death match over Day. Ulbrich's first season was one to remember. Expected to heavily struggle, the Pilots managed a winning season of 11-10. Travis Yeoman, released by Day, proved that he was still an elite forward, managing 84 goals for the entire season. The Pilots were notably more accurate with their goalkicking, winning games against the odds. Ulbrich consistently hovered around mid-table, though were not able to break the four. Highlights for the Pilots' inaugural season included sweeping Richburg in all matches and a win over Angerer in round 21, in what could be a fierce geographical rivalry between these two sides. Day had a very strong start, winning six of their first eight matches. It seemed that the Knights were a lock in for finals football. However the wheels turned against them, only managing four more wins to end the season 10-10-1. Matej Vidmar played strongly in the first half of the season, but injuries to the midfield limited his output in the second half of the season, with the Knights conceding large scores. They had to rely on beating Richburg in the last round to secure a finals spot. The result was a disaster for the Knights, going down by 49 points to consign them to sixth spot. Expected to challenge for the flag, Chavez had a season to forget. The Nationals suffered the ignominy of being the first team to lose to Ruddy. Chavez started with a 6-7-1 record, but their aging stars, began to struggle as the season took a toll on them. To add insult to injury, Shigeru Ueda torn his ACL, which ruled him out for the last seven weeks. His absence was felt as the Nationals slumped to six consecutive defeats, before managing a consolation victory in round 21 over lowly Ruddy. Ruddy's first season was a struggle. The Longhorns only managed two victories for the entire season, and were often on the receiving end of thrashings. Unlike Ulbrich, who signed more experienced free agents, the Longhorns signed younger ones, and many of them struggled against the bigger bodies of other teams. Quite simply, the Longhorns were basically bullied. Major Events: Ulbrich's score of 3.5 (23) had the lowest scoring shots of any team in a match in GFL history. Grimm vs. Ruddy in round 8 had Grimm win by 16 points despite scoring one fewer goal and 21 more scoring shots: the scores read 8.25 (73) to 9.3 (57). A controversial finish in round 11 had the siren blow between Day and Xiong on a wet day. None of the umpires heard the siren. Day fans and players celebrated, however Liam O'Malley of Xiong scored a goal two seconds after. The umpires signalled the goal and then signalled the end of the match. The goal stood, leaving the scores 4.12 (36) to 3.15 (33) in Xiong's favour. Grimm's eight consecutive wins to start the season was their best ever start, and by any GFL team. Feedback, comments and criticism are welcome on the presentation!
  4. Being a new team, they are expected to struggle. However, with both Ulbrich and Ruddy's starting 20s, most players have GFL experience so will help them through their first few seasons. In 1951, Australian rules football sides had 18 on the field (same as today), but only two reserve players (today there are four interchange players).
  5. I second that. The Miami Tortugas should use the Dolphins' teal. They could use orange as a secondary colour much like the Dolphins, or potentially pink like the Miami Stingrays from Hawkfan89's PHL series, or even black.
  6. The St. Louis new logo reminds me of a ghost, but at the same time is a definite winner! Can see the Gatekeepers using it in the modern era.
  7. 1951 PRESEASON (PART 2: ULBRICH REVEALS IDENTITY) The populace of Ulbrich awaited the identity of the club. Fans were expecting an aviation-themed logo, and the club unveiled a logo with a football and wings. The roundel surrounding the football had the lettering "Ulbrich Football Club". The logo was hailed as a success by the fans, though some felt the logo resembled a car badge. The uniforms for Ulbrich were revealed soon after. The Pilots' guernsey consists of black, white and red hoops. The hoops go all around the guernsey, with a black number panel. A predominantly white uniform with red and black bands will be worn in an event of a clash.
  8. 1951 PRESEASON (PART 1: RUDDY REVEALS IDENTITY) In the offseason, fans in Ruddy awaited what their uniforms will look like. Ruddy was the first to unveil theirs, with fans expecting a strong combination of garnet and cream. The logo was unveiled at the same time, depicting a longhorn cattle with a football. The home jumper will include garnet and cream stripes with a garnet number panel. In some away games, the Longhorns will wear a predominantly cream guernsey with a garnet stripe in the middle of the front.
  9. Thanks @Spanna65! The proposed graphic is a very good idea, and can include the runners-up for each season. I can additionally create more data with where each team finished - though this would be more convenient on Excel. I have made equivalent versions for the MAHL with @Section30's permission, so why can't I do it here? Having the banners for every game would be a lot of work. For finals it will be feasible. I have proposed to show them for every Grand Final from the 1951 season.
  10. GRAND FINAL GRIMM VS. ANGERER AT TATFELD PARK 7 OCTOBER 1950 - 2:30PM Tatfeld Park was sold out, and already reached over capacity. Fans flocked in droves all over Grimm to watch their beloved Reapers play in their inaugural Grand Final. Led by talisman Hyun Ki-Chang, he was motivated to win his third premiership in four years. On the other side, a young Angerer team, battered from a close duel against Chavez the previous week, were keen to avenge their defeat the previous year. Angerer struck first with two consecutive behinds and a goal. William Lindsey dominated in the forward line at 36 years of age, booting the first goal for Angerer. Slowly, Grimm began to claw themselves back into the game. Led by strong midfield performances from Flores and Yamada, the Reapers began to dominate the clearances. Suddenly Grimm had a plethora of attacking opportunities, but could only muster three goals with their dominance, missing some easy shots. Angerer soon began to fight back with dominating possession in the latter part of the quarter. Much like Grimm, the Bulls were wasteful with their chances, only managing 1.4 with the run for a total of 2.6. QT - Grimm 3.5 (23), Angerer 2.6 (18) Angerer carried the momentum from the endo of the quarter with the first two goals of the second quarter. Seven points ahead and having scored the previous three goals, the Bulls appeared to separate themselves in the contest. They continued to attack, though only mustered four more behinds. With these wasted opportunities, Grimm felt fortunate to be within striking distance of the Bulls. In spite of this, they desperately needed the next goal. Whilst their first scoring shot was a behind, a spectacular pass from Flores to Hyun reduced the margin to less than a goal. Angerer countered with a goal and two behinds to go 12 points up. Given the balance of play, it should have been more. Grimm went full on attack in the last five minutes of the quarter, and it began to pay off. The Reapers created useful opportunities for their forwards, and scored three goals during this run to take back the lead. Whilst Angerer dominated possession and play overall, it was Grimm ahead at half time where it mattered most: the scoreboard. HT - Grimm 7.6 (48), Angerer 5.12 (42) After the letdown in the previous five minutes of the match, Angerer players were motivated, fired up by a speech from William Lindsey. This sparked the players, and the momentum once again swung the Bulls' way. Angerer booted the first five goals of the quarter, going 25 points up at that point, with the scores reading 10.15 to 7.8 at that point. Grimm refused to wilt, and scored three consecutive goals to reach striking distance of the Bulls. However, Angerer finished off the quarter with a bang. Twenty seconds left, with the scores 76-69, a pass from Wally Wiggins to Dinesh Choudhary appeared to have Choudhary outside of his kicking range at 61 metres (67 yards) out. The siren blew and allowed Choudhary to take his shot from that distance. He performed a torpedo punt, and it successfully carried through the distance for a goal to increase the Angerer lead to thirteen points. 3QT - Grimm 10.9 (69), Angerer 11.16 (82) Fans in Grimm were worried about losing the Grand Final at home. Despite the courageous efforts of Flores and Yamada, the Angerer team seemed to be more fitter and stronger. The Bulls booted the first goal from surprise goalscorer Matthias Ebert, away from his usual centre half-back position. The Reapers did not give in however, as they scored a behind and goal to decrease the deficit to 12 points. Grimm moved into attack once again, and found Hyun open, as he took a shot for his fourth goal. Hyun converted and reduced the margin to 6 points. With the scores 88-82 in Angerer's favour, but Grimm having the momentum, it seemed like a dogfight. The Bulls kept pressing, and answered with one of their own from a long bomb from Dinesh Choudhary, this time from 53 metres (58 yards). The Bulls scored two behinds afterwards, and the Reapers scored a behind with a shot hitting the post from 35 metres (38 yards). The scores read 96-83. in the Bulls' favour. However, Grimm increased their intensity, and sparked by Hyun's goal, went on to score the next three afterwards, with the Reapers ahead by 11 points: 16.11 (107) to 13.18 (96). Five minutes were to play, and given the impetus was with the red and whites, it seemed like Grimm was going to run away with the title. Could it be another heartbreaker for Angerer? Suddenly, the Bulls played a fast, intense style which allowed Wheaton to dominate the clearances for Angerer. He found Morten Hansen, who was having a quiet day up until that point. Hansen converted from close range for his first goal to reduce the margin to less than a goal. The contribution from Hansen sparked the Angerer team. The Bulls went forward once again, and Lindsey marked one-handed. He subsequently restored the lead back to the Bulls. 90 seconds remained, and Grimm won the centre clearance. A quick long kick was immediately marked by young Grimm forward James Worrilow. Worrilow had the shot from 34 metres (37 yards) on a slight angle. Unfortunately, Worrilow missed everything, and no score came. The clock was down to 45 seconds and the Bulls passed very quickly going for the win. Angerer booted the ball out of defence as far as possible. The kick to the centre square had no one nearby. It was a foot race. Lawrence Rogers of Angerer got to the ball first, and ran towards an open goal. He duly converted and increased the buffer to seven points. After the ensuring centre bounce, the final siren blew. After two Grand Final losses, Angerer finally got their first title! FT - Grimm 16.11 (107), Angerer 16.18 (114) Feedback, comments and criticism are welcome on the presentation!
  11. FINALS MATCHES 1ST SEMI FINAL CHAVEZ VS. DAY AT CHAVEZ CRICKET GROUND 16 SEPTEMBER 1950 - 2:10PM Carrying the momentum of a five game winning streak coupled with a win over the same opponent in the previous week, Chavez started strongly, with a six goal to one first quarter. Young forward Henry Koo booted two goals, along with John Billen. The Knights struggled to make inroads as the Chavez defence limited opportunities for Day to attack. QT - Chavez 6.4 (40), Day 1.3 (9) Whilst Day scored the first two goals to start the quarter, they were never in the game as the Chavez defence stood tall. John McMahon, at 32 years of age, still held strong for the Nationals, repelling attack after attack. Overall the quarter was more even, though Chavez still held a significant lead entering the half-time break. HT - Chavez 9.8 (62), Day 4.3 (27) To get back in the game, the Knights needed to attack. Vidmar started to enter the game, as he scored three goals for the quarter. Day scored the first two, much like the previous quarter. Despite this, while being ranked the best defence in the league, Day only focused on offense. Their offensive prowess, whilst managing five goals, was cancelled out by their deficiencies in defence, with Wang being sorely missed. Chavez managed five goals of their own despite only having half as much possession in their forward half. The last two goals were scored by Chavez in the quarter, from Shigeru Ueda and Arthur Burns to build up a handy six goal lead. 3QT - Chavez 14.11 (95), Day 9.5 (59) Any hopes of a Day comeback were killed off with a quick goal from John Billen, booting his fourth for the game to increase the lead to 42 points. The pace gradually slowed with the Chavez defence icing away the clock to preserve the lead. The Nationals scored goals when they felt like it, to further increase their lead to 61 points. Day scored a late consolation goal and behind, though made minimal impact on the scoreboard as Chavez advanced to the preliminary final. FT - Chavez 18.12 (120), Day 10.6 (66) 2ND SEMI FINAL ANGERER VS. GRIMM AT PRASAD PARK 23 SEPTEMBER 1950 - 2:10PM Angerer's first minor premiership resulted in many fans in the mountainous city of Angerer being locked out of the stadium, though many jumped fences to view their beloved Bulls. Some fans from Grimm made the trek up north. The Bulls were the first to score a goal, lifting the home crowd on their feet. William Lindsey continued to impress on the field at 36 years of age, scoring the first two goals for Angerer. Suddenly, as time passed, Grimm started to find answers. It progressively improved for the Reapers as their attacking prowess was much more efficient, especially in finding experienced superstar Hyun Ki-Chang, who led Grimm to the last three goals of the quarter to gift the Reapers an early seven point lead. QT - Angerer 3.1 (19), Grimm 4.2 (26) After the quarter-time break, the Bulls played two men on Hyun, severely limiting his impact throughout the quarter. The Bulls played tough defensive football, as they only limited Grimm to one goal during the second quarter. Lindsey shone in the second quarter, scoring two consecutive goals to restore the lead to the Bulls. Angerer continued to attack, but peppered the goals. This allowed Grimm a sniff, though the strong Angerer defence harassed the Grimm forward line, with strong contested marking and tackling. The scores were locked at 36-all in the last minute of the half, when winger Lionel Rogers ran a long distance to enter into an open goal. His kick was successful, and put Angerer back in front. The Bulls maintained the one goal lead into half-time. HT - Angerer 6.6 (42), Grimm 5.6 (36) The Bulls continued to dominate through the middle as they had the first three scoring shots for the quarter. Unfortunately for them, only one went through for a goal. But with a 14 point lead, it was expected that the Bulls would run away with the win, given Hyun was shut down. Someone had to step up for Grimm. Whilst two men focused on Hyun, there was always a loose man in the forward line. Suddenly the Reapers took advantage of the holes found in defence. As a result, they scored five goals for the quarter, two each from their small forwards in Alex Peters and Oliver Stevens. The Reapers scored three consecutive goals to retake the lead, and maintained it heading into three-quarter time. 3QT - Angerer 9.11 (65), Grimm 10.10 (70) The Bulls' diverted their defensive focus on Hyun and instead mainly concentrated on their small forwards. With one less defender to deal with, Hyun managed a strong grab to score the first goal for the quarter. Grimm scored a behind soon after to gather an even two goal lead, 77-65. Angerer did not give in however, as Lindsey booted his fourth goal for the match to halve the deficit. The Bulls continued to surge forward, and scored two more consecutive goals to regain the lead. Behinds followed and alternated, with the scores 85-78 in Angerer's favour. There were five minutes remaining, in which James Worrilow marked 37 metres (40 yards) out from a 45 degree angle. He converted to make it a one point game. Angerer attempted to thrust the ball forward, and their greatest opportunity went missing. Eddie Snell of the Bulls had a shot 25 metres (27 yards) out, but was woefully miskicked, and resulted in no score. Grimm moved the ball forward, and found Hyun open with two minutes remaining on the clock. Hyun converted to put the Reapers back in front. Grimm afterwards played all men in defence. The Reapers locked down every Angerer opportunity, and advanced to their first ever Grand Final, which they will host! FT - Angerer 12.13 (85), Grimm 13.12 (90) PRELIMINARY FINAL ANGERER VS. CHAVEZ AT PRASAD PARK 30 SEPTEMBER 1950 - 2:10PM The Bulls fans were heartbroken from last week, but finishing in the top two meant they had the double chance. They were facing off a red-hot Chavez team, who were coming off the back of six straight wins. The Chavez midfield started off strongly, as they dominated the clearances. The Nationals dominated midfield possession in the first few minutes, and created many opportunities. The blue and golds were able to score the first three goals, but could have been more with some wasted opportunities. Down 21-0, Angerer desperately needed the next goal if they were to advance to the Grand Final to play Grimm. Morten Hansen scored the Bulls' first score, a behind. It wasn't long before a goal was scored for Angerer, let alone two. Reduced to 8 points, Angerer fans felt they had a chance. However, Chavez dominated in the next few minutes, scoring three consecutive goals. The Bulls needed to find a spark, and attacked relentlessly in the last few minutes of the quarter. Hansen and Choudhary scored goals to reduce the deficit to fifteen points. QT - Angerer 4.1 (25), Chavez 6.4 (40) To prevent the Chavez onslaught, the Bulls placed an extra man in defence. The Bulls found their jam, though were only able to muster one goal with the five scoring opportunities they generated. Still, with the margin reduced to less than a goal, they had a sniff. However, Chavez mustered two consecutive goals, increasing the uneasiness of the predominantly green and white crowd. It was as good as it got for Chavez as they did not score a goal for the remainder of the quarter, while Angerer piled two consecutive goals to reduce the margin to seven points heading into half-time. HT - Angerer 7.6 (48), Chavez 8.7 (55) There was a lot of grit in the third quarter. It took a long time for the first score to be registered in the quarter, a behind from Angerer. The Nationals scored two consecutive behinds afterwards, before the Bulls scored their only goal for the quarter. Only two points ahead, the Nationals knew they were challenged. They responded with a short goal from Johan Abbott before a behind to hold a nine point lead entering the three quarter-time break. 3QT - Angerer 8.7 (55), Chavez 9.10 (64) The season was on the line for both teams. Both sides knew the first goal would be vital. Angerer was the first to clear the ball out of the centre, and managed scoring opportunities, but could only muster two behinds. After these scores, a highly ineffective kick from Samuel Wheaton of Angerer created an opportunity for Chavez to score an easy goal. Joseph Norwood did not miss, and extended the Chavez lead to 13 points. All hope seemed lost for the green and whites. Chavez continued to attack, and generated more scoring opportunities. The Nationals found Koo open 30 metres (33 yards) out on a slight angle. Unexpectedly, he butchered his shot, and only managed a behind. Another behind soon followed for Chavez. Fifteen points ahead, halfway through the final quarter, it seemed like Chavez was in control. It was the moment the Bulls found their spark. Wheaton redeemed himself with a beautiful long pass to Lindsey, who converted a simple set shot to reduce the margin to 9 points, with the scores reading 72-63 in Chavez's favour. This lifted the spirits of the team, as Angerer continued to attack. The Bulls created many scoring opportunities, and with the next five, only managed one goal. However, the Bulls were finally in front. Down by one, Chavez was feeling immense pressure. The Nationals attempted to thrust forward, though a clanger (highly ineffective) kick by defender Mario Mariani to Francis Ellison of Angerer allowed the Bulls an opportunity to extend their lead. The lead became more than an even goal, with the scores 79-72 in the Bulls' favour. Both sides scored a behind each, but time was ticking that Chavez tried to attack. It backfired, and William Lindsey was free for Angerer to seal the victory and a Grand Final spot to play Grimm. FT - Angerer 12.14 (86), Chavez 10.13 (73) Feedback, comments and criticism are welcome on the presentation!
  12. John Frangione will not vote owing to his advanced age of 72 years. The old character will be retired. New character: Richard Vidmar, a 39 year old electrical engineer from Chicago, has decided to vote in the expansion council. His company manufactures electronic scoreboards, a technology increasing in popularity, and many stadiums use them from his company, most notably the Crusaders, Dragons and Walleye. He is an avid Chicago Crusaders fan, holding season tickets. His votes go to: 1 - Cleveland, OH: it is surprising that Cleveland does not have a team in the league. Ohio, being one of the most populated states, needs representation in a top-flight league. 2 - Phoenix, AZ: a fast-growing city where markball is embraced. The capacity of the stadium is relatively large, and the high fan interest will ensure they sell out a high percentage of their matches. Arizona's location near Mexico could expand the game's horizons into another country. 3 - New Orleans, LA: they love their sports in the Big Easy, though the stadium size would still be relatively small. They do have potential with rivalries against Houston and St. Louis. The proposed team will have a large established fan base to start with.
  13. A pity that the Eveques didn't make it, let alone the playoffs. I'm cheering on the Walleye to win their inaugural title!
  14. The national dish does appear to take a long time to cook, but at the same time, looks very appetising to eat! Out of curiosity, does Ostrovian cuisine have vast similarities to Scandinavian cuisine, representing the original settlers of the country?