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  1. Name: Harris MacDonald Bio: Born in Scotland (as the name suggests). Hamish fought in the First World War and lost an arm before marrying a Canadian and going to New York and making his money as a stock broker Current Team: New York Knights, New York is not only MacDonald’s adopted home but he thinks it makes the most business sense with 6.62mil expected followers by far the biggest. Expansion City: Dallas, MacDonald really wants a team in Canada but he can’t look past the high population centre and massive popularity of Texas Possible names : Dallas Bandits or Dallas Hustlers (sports teams there seam to have a Wild West theme)
  2. looks great so far. Sport is interesting and concepts are solid
  3. Heartbreak in game 7 for my beloved Islanders
  4. 1.Titan City untapped market and large population possible name - Titans (just one word) 2. Ganymede City - massive population possible name - aforementioned Ganymede Giants 3. Pamoja - As a hard line Lagrangian in this world I’d love to see another team there with Mendez’s success and a large baseball culture I’m confident they can handle 2 teams possible name - aforementioned Lagrange Liberty 4. Cythera and Cyprus - who doesn’t love twin cities especially if they’re in the sky! possible name - Sky Twin Griffins (Griffin vulture is the highest flying bird)
  5. That galactic series really went down to the wire!
  6. Nike Select League Cricket

    oh ok. What is your name on steam? I'll search for that and see if I can find anything. btw I forgot to say already that these are awesome man!
  7. Nike Select League Cricket

    i tried searching for a "team name contains" Dallas and nothing came up, the template is also different so yeah i think they don't work like that.
  8. Nike Select League Cricket

    At some point down the line will you import them into big ants new cricket game Ashes Cricket
  9. Mendez logo looks good. I second @SpartanDesigns‘ idea of the cosmic and stellar leagues with their own inner-outer divisions when we get to 12 teams
  10. U could get a sponsorship deal with universal studios to call it Orlando Ogres lol
  11. National Ball Hockey Association - 2024 Season

    Ok makes sense thanks
  12. National Ball Hockey Association - 2024 Season

    Very minor issue but the playoff wildcard round games don’t match with their opponents in the next round on the graphic
  13. My top 3 in order would be B,E,A
  14. National Ball Hockey Association - 2024 Season

    Liking this so far, all of the redisgns are vast improvements, don’t have too much going on in them
  15. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Lakers)

    Jazz look good. My only critique would be that the New Orleans wordmark looks a bit clunky and doesn’t work as well as the Jazz wordmark