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  1. Hockey Template

    Would love to play around with the vector template iggyhood@aol.com Thanks
  2. Football Template Series (1920's & 1930's)

    Thats really beautiful work Nick In respect of a helmet - and speaking personally - I am not sure that you need to necessarily include one as the majority of the pics I can find from the 20's/30's (Jim Thorpe/George Halas etc) show the one colour leather helmet being used. Can't wait for the template to be availbe in .ai so I can play around with it! (Random thought now..unless the template was updated to show a player wearing the uniform and could be holding the helmet something like this: )
  3. Yankees Alt. Logo & Jerseys

    The thing with the angle of the arms of the Y has bugged me for ages, but - as nwtrailtrekker says - it is just the way the logo is (check out the Yankees alternate logo's on Sportslogos). Personally - I wouldn't change the hat logo away from the traditional interlocking NY, but do love this logo on the jersey. Good work!
  4. Muskegon Thunder

    Love the logo - also like the wordmark, think it works well (have no idea how else you could get a wordmark to 'rumble'!!) Great job
  5. Seton Hall Football

    Great work - love the grey alternate