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  1. aengre

    Custom Madden '06 Cover

    The only thing I can gripe about (cause you job on the cover as a whole is notch) is Plummer's facial expression...or maybe it's just his 'look'. Doesn't have that determined, I'm going in for the kill look that the QBs typically possess on these in action cover shots. But, again, very notch job.
  2. aengre

    Video Game Box Design

    Remember Playaction Football?
  3. aengre

    PACERS concept jerseys

    I'm diggin' the third away version myself.
  4. aengre

    Free Applications

    This should probably be in requests, but hey...we all make the mistake now and again. Umm...I'd check for stuff. they have alot of free stuff on there, besides graphic editors.
  5. I swear I've seen something like the new Wildcatter logo, but I can't place anything, so I'm probably full of it. I like it though, with the color scheme.
  6. aengre

    Montreal Mudhens Concept

    I personally like the lower left the best.
  7. aengre

    Fantasy Baseball Concept

    I like it.
  8. aengre

    ? MADDEN 05 uniform customization ?

    If it's a legit copy, then that shouldn't happen. My friend had a cracked PC version, as well as a downloaded one for his modded PS2, and it did that on both versions. My legit version never had a problem.
  9. aengre

    MY Rome Imperials

    I want to see that crest closer up, man. It looks nice.
  10. aengre

    Surprise Fighting Falcons

    Yeah Surprise, AZ one of the many suburbs of Phoenix Went to AZ in February, and went through Suprise many times going from Sun City West to the other many suburbs of Phoenix.
  11. aengre

    Surprise Fighting Falcons

    Surprise? As in Surprise, Arizona?
  12. aengre

    Name that Team Poll

    Minnesota Freeze it is. Though, if I am going for another fantasy team...Twin Cities Sentinels is an easy choice as my name. I'm a little sad that Thunderdogs wasn't a winner, but, the fans have spoken. Season tickets to aussie
  13. aengre

    Please judge my Fantasy League Team Names

    You wanted someone to tell you and your buds what they thought...and nitro did. No need to get all defensive about it. So, he thought they were generic. Like you said, you and your friends put thought into the names. Feel good about that.
  14. aengre

    Name that Team Poll

    A bump to get a final push of votes.
  15. aengre

    Name that Team Poll

    You are a naming machine