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  1. just printed and embroidered onto the team merchandise. looks bad ass
  2. the titans logo has detroit pistons horsepower logo esque flames. not points. blackburn dont worry no1 is ever going to try and match or better your wonderous teams logo. the j is supposed to give the feeling of a jet going upwards. nothing more nothing less. just a simple logo
  3. siegel & gale. al siegel did the nba logo. not sure what team logos he did tho
  4. very quick idea for a Jets concept
  5. and what colour exactly would an outlaw associate itself with? an outlaw shade of blue maybe?
  6. a watermark a day keeps the infrindgers at bay
  7. not fond of the trojans logo myself. a lot of these logos are quite ancient
  8. certainly isn't the worst logo ive seen. the wordmark is great. e greatful. it kicks the ass of a good deal of other nhl logos
  9. Cork Predators Belfast Trojans Cork Admirals Dublin Dragons
  10. Tallaght Outlaws Limerick Vikings Dublin Rebels Belfast Bulls
  11. milwaukee bucks. just hate it baltimore ravens. just hate it worst = old washington bullets logo
  12. thanks for the feedback, shading has never been my strong point but it needs to be done
  13. i would give the face a bit more work. he looks asleep