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  1. Can Somone Help me with this font
  2. well the company that i currently work for was having a website built for them before i came into the company and it was costing my boss like $1,600 for a worthless site. But i got hired and designed it for them for free since he signs my paychecks. anyways for commercial businesses and business of any type people usually can get paid big money for their services. Of course when you start getting into flash it becomes more time consuming and the price also is able to be raised. Normally i would give a quote based on how many pages and what the purpose of the site is (if it needs a database and php or ASP and all that jazz). i would charge say between $50 - $125 per page based on complexity.
  3. HilcoAthletic

    The Lions

    looks like an early Dallas Cowboy jersey which isnt a bad thing since im a cowboys fan (Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells ECK!) but whatever good job on this lions jersey i dont like the black either.
  4. that would be the Heavens Gate Cult
  5. Yeah i was inspired by the 80's Era and ten i look at a few designs they previously had and said hmmm i like the striping on this one and the tie down on this one and slammed them all together
  6. Well guys i was looking at the bruins third jersey today (the 1970's Tie Down) and i was thinking what could make it better. So i redesigned it. I took a yellow jersey and i was inspired by the 1948-49 Striping on the jersey. I slimmed down the black stripes and kept the white stripes normal size. then i put the tie down front and the Black Cuffs ala 1967-68 and then i figured i would put the Zig Zag Bear Patch on the shoulders (i actually own one of these patches). and YES i did put the NEW Bruins Logo instead of the 70's Version on their current alternate. Personally id rather watch them skate around in my design but what do i know. C+C Please
  7. Well seeing as i was going after the Haunted History of Rhode Island (im a huge fan of haunted histories) a Banshee is a Screaming Soul that sometimes is characterized by having chains binding them to wherever they are bound to. Since RI has a very rich Haunted History i figured i would take a stab at something to represent it.
  8. Thank you and i like how the B logo came out i did the whole chain by had Chripes that took so long to make all the chain links interlock.
  9. I was bored and screwing around with the hockey template i got and i thought of a hockey team maybe for a fantasy team or whatever who knows. but here you are the Rhode Island Banshees. C+C please
  10. Yeah im an idiot and forgot to take off the frickin patch o well but yeah i heard them talking about hockey east to my boss so you never know. and yeah the RI is a Weak logo but the people came in and gave us the design they wanted and believe me we had to do some tweaking to make it look this good. O boy wait till u see Brown university's I dunno if i still have them upstairs but god they are ugly, all i have to say is BROWN SUBLIMATED STRIPES :Shudders:
  11. This is there actual Game Jersey for the URI Home Games.
  12. its the same jersey essentially except the colors were changed to Black, White and Grey but in this case the Grey is actually a Metallic Silver. On the Numbers and the Stripes METALLIC SILVER frickin womens Team
  13. Yeah ill be making the URI and Brown mens later on actually i got the URI Home jerseys ready they just havent decided on aways yet i dont think
  14. Nah this definately aint their first year in Hockey east. and yes this is the ACTUAL jersey they are wearing i have the whole team upstairs (im at work). and no i didnt have to draw the font Providence College gave us the font under their licence deal.