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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah, that's exactly what I also thought. Figured I'd take a shot at locating the original if it exist. I can pretty much fill in the details that are covered by the strap. I've re-drawn it and the art is being digitized. I'll post the final piece in a bit.
  2. Old School Forum member here. First post in years though! Good to see the CC boards are still active. I am printing shirts and embroidering caps for a high school in our region. The coach hasn't sent art yet and the deadline is approaching. All I can find is a newspaper photo of the schools helmet decal. Before I start re-drawing the logo I wonder if anybody recognizes it? It looks similar to Kansas State but there are subtle differences. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. phocused

    C & C

    Sorry, had to remove 'em as my comcast server space was maxed out. Thanks again for all the great comments. Based on what you guys have said I'll beat them up a little more and tone down the whiteness. The more I look at it though the more I hate how big it is. Typically I like the smaller size sigs, 125x386 pixels feels just right for me. Anybody else have an opinion on ideal sig size? Hey Fred, I dig the collection of Kurri jerseys in your sig. How sweet would they be if you made 'em look like they were framed and hung on a wall?
  4. phocused

    C & C

    Thanks guys. Believe it or not the cards are a little beat up and aged. Maybe the carpet makes them look white but, they are actually tan. I even blunted the corners and stressed the surface. Didn't try to bend them though. I even considered adding other items to the floor! The perfect addition would have been a stick of the pink gum from a wax pack of Topps cards. Couldn't track one down though. Can't take credit for the cards retro design as I swiped the look from the '70-'71 set of Topps hockey. They could stand a personal retro company logo though.
  5. phocused

    C & C

    I was trolling the Avalanche message board last night when I came across a thread asking for submissions to a signature contest. No money, no prizes not even organized by the forum mods but I figured "what the hell". The poster claims to have over 30 entrants so it sounds like a nice little party. Scrolling through scores of random threads to scout out the possible competition it was obvious the talent wasn't as rich as the CC boards. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice sigs on the Avs board but, not the vastly diverse stuff you find here. That being said I wanted to enter something in contrast to the average sig of grunge brushed backgrounds and techno texture blends. My concept was to create a scene from my childhood. Sports cards of my favorite players sprawled out on my bedroom floor. Stored in stacks with a rubber band around the middle. Maybe the coaches card was in your bike spokes the weekend before making that Huffy sound like a Kawasaki. Anyhow, hit or miss, lemme know how this sits in 'yer craw:
  6. Using Illustrator CS I haven't had any trouble opening .cdr files. Don't remember much trouble opening them in AI 10 either. No chance of using a .cdr file in PhotoShop though, regardless of version. You may be able to update your version of Illustrator at the Adobe website.
  7. The biggest hang up with screen resolution is side scrolling. I don't know anybody who likes to scroll a couple hundred pixels to the left to see the whole page. Conversley a site designed to scroll vertically is okay. Go figure. For what it's worth Browser News reports that 76% of page accesses are using 1024x768 and 21% using 800 x 600. Still a significant number to consider when designing a site. (article here) If you're generating 10,000 hits per day and apply these stats you'd have to consider over 2000 users are viewing at 800x600. But stats can lie. Just food for thought
  8. phocused


    When using the pen tool you can't overstate the importance of a good mouse. Especially for hot rod style flames. I haven't had much luck using an optical mouse to draw freehand.
  9. What if the Nordiques hadn't left Quebec City? Peter Forsberg circa 1996:
  10. Awesome. What a great concept! You should remove the embossing/plastic wrap effects for the simple reason of "applied feasibilty". The logo will be applied to a tremendous range of products using a number of different methods. A feasible logo is one that considers all aspects of reproduction in a creative comprimise. For example. Your logo, with the effects, can be accurately produced on paper using fairly nice offset equipment, however, it is impossible to embroider it using the best commercial equipment. Notice the clean simplicity of current league logos from the minors to the pros. They are able to apply their brand to anything at any size and maintain a consistant image. I'm not trying to take the wind out of your sails by any means. I hope you push this design as far as possible. It's phukkin solid and speaks to me as a hockey fan. Hell, if you get to the "feasible" point and want to see it stitched out or silk screened let me know. I'd be happy to provide you with spec samples to include in your league proposal.
  11. A little late but here's some good in game shots:
  12. Whoo Hoo! The Stampede kicks ass. They need to give you guys more performance time. Drumlines and football go together like cheese and crackers. No uni questions but I've got a fantasy sports question. You guys perform in a different corner of the field each quarter right next to the cheerleaders so I wanna know if they smell as good as they look? You guys rock!
  13. Just to throw another number at ya STL, the Broncos have sold out for 34 consecutive years.
  14. Damn fine lookin' jersey. Crisp and clean, nice numbers and letters. The lighthouse crest has found a new home. Great job Snowcap!
  15. Damn us? ********** (modedit)Smarten up!! don't mask your swearing!(/modedit)