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  1. I saw this today on SI and cant seem to find any history on this particular set/logo. I have seen black fashion jerseys with this chest logo sold at Target and the like, but always thought of them as being "bootleg' Anyone have any info?
  2. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS "This name defeated more than 400 entries in a radio-sponsored competition, held one month after Tampa was awarded the first of two expansion franchises on April 24, 1974. Buccaneers was the winner, beating out such noble competitors as Buzzards, Sea Horses and (yes) Mafia."
  3. Not sure if this was mentioned, but food for thought nonetheless... Oklahoma City Slickers Play on name aside, It could easily tie into an oil motif...
  4. The Orange jersey is a possibility, as snow is in the forecast for Sunday...
  5. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout....
  6. $hit,those are sweet they just need just a little bit of red..somewhere....
  7. The S.S. MLS Dignity set sail with the advent of the Dallas Burn, Kansas City Wiz and San Jose Clash team identities... the logos for the Columbus Crew, NY/NJ MetroStars and Tampa Bay Mutiny... the uniforms that were unveiled for the inaugural season. In short, when it has come to branding, MLS has possessed precious little dignity to sacrifice. Bottom line? Going forward, Major League Soccer is going to be a professional sports league in which each of its member franchises chooses to brand itself in the manner which suits them best. Some teams will choose to go with a traditional American "city/plural nickname" identity (Colorado Rapids, Kansas City Wizards). Other franchises will utilize a slightly more modern American "city/singular nickname" brand (Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, Los Angeles Galaxy, New England Revolution). There will be clubs that embrace an internationally-traditional moniker (CD Chivas USA, DC United, FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake). Some franchises will adopt an identity that to some degree combines aspects of the aforementioned branding strategies (Houston Dynamo). Finally, there is the possibility that some teams will brand themselves with the name of a corporate parent/sponsor (New York Red Bulls). To each their own. The idea that the entire league is suddenly going to be filled with teams bearing the names of corporate entities strikes me as being a bit far-fetched. After all, not every corporate name/product name lends itself to a pro sports identity package quite as well as Red Bull's does. Now thats the most sound reasoning I've heard yet...cheers to you
  8. Interesting inquiry considering youre not going to be involved?
  9. The only questions worth posing, are whether or not the concept is sound: Is it Practical? Marketable? Professional? These are the only assessments that really should be valid.There just seems to be too much personal supposition and not enough sound objectivity on this site, in general. Further, there is absolutely no reason to impart what one might think the locality's populous opinon would or should be, based on this or any other designs. One's personal judgement can't possibly represent the masses. Personal commentary doesnt change the validity of the creative effort. That being said.... Very original thoughts in terms of evolution (might remind one of USF's original set). The gold might be better represented less flat and with more luster, speaking in terms of TV representation. Perhaps meeting somewhere in between what you have proposed and and that of the current scheme, might relate better to the on screen visual. The darker green and introduction of a new pants set looks sharpin static, but may read more black on lower definiton screens. The striping on both the jersey and pants is a novel concept. A sound design over all.
  10. patches? we dont need no stinking patches!.....I digress....those jerseys are actually pretty hot...a huge improvement over kits of yore...
  11. This is a nice set, but I am still partial to the orange and current number font. I do however really like the red, I always thought they shouldve used more of a blood red, being pirates and all...what would it look like with the orange trim?
  12. Actually it was Baltimore Orioles -> New York Highlanders -> New York Yankees. ...and played in Milwaukee for one year in 1901 I believe?