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  1. Truth be told... not a fan of the shoulder design. I like the integration into the NHL game though. -- George.
  2. 2002 was ridiculously easy to edit. I was 13 and able to do it easy. Haven't really played any of the newer ones. -- George.
  3. Both formats to please. Thank you very much. -- George.
  4. There's a bunch of places that site is located... now I ask anyone who used it, is it real?
  5. Great concept, but could use some cleaning up... Try using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Good work.
  6. Do any of you guys have any tips/suggestions? Tutorials... or anything? I use Photoshop 7.0 and have decent knowledge of it, however I can never start with nothing... I may have an idea, but it comes out looking like crap on the Adobe canvas. I use the pen tool for virtually everything, could that be a problem? Any advice is much appreciated.
  7. Not bad, simple but nice, and the cleaned up versions look nice... however Im more of a fan of modern style jerseys. Very nice concept overall.
  8. No. Nowhere for them to play. Winnipeg Arena's getting torn down for some commercial development ( dang you City Hall, I wanted my World's Largest Indoor Waterpark). Did Winnipeg not JUST get a new arena?
  9. Hi Geoff and STL Fanatic, representin Metro.. Geoff thanks for referring me to this place, its awesome here!
  10. The league is a joke IMO, I dont think it will get off the ground... BTW I heard that Crosby said he was going back to the Q for next season.
  11. Thanks guys... forgot to mention... to get to the alternate ones, click the link in that that says alt/ or click this link: Alternate Jerseys
  12. Hey all, new member here, I post mostly on, and a fellow poster introduced me to this board, I liked it her so I figured I should join. I have been working at re-vamping every alternate jersey in the NHL, and here is what I have so far... Im still not done, and I need to re-do a few of my current ones, especially the Bruins one, which looks like something my cat pulled out of it's ass. Anyway, I never did make a site for these, I just host them on an apache server, so here's the link to the page where they are stored. Feedback Please.