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  1. Wonder if this means we'll see a helmet horn thats gradient white to yellow as well? "Some fans like the white horns / a lot like the yellow" - derp lets try do both and try to make everyone happy! Also hope they stick with the navy blue helmets and don't try to match them to the royal blue jerseys...this is a mistake the giants made IMO.
  2. I doubt they'd do it and it was a little before my time...But i think it's funny that the Eagles would choose to wear white at home just to piss off the cowboys and make them wear their Navy jerseys because back in the day they hated wearing them.
  3. I like the eagles with that look too (I'm heavily biased though)
  4. Interesting...I've always felt the same about the Jets even though I LOVE kelly green. The eagles 1980's-mid 90's uni's are my favorite football uniforms ever. I think the deal is the silver really made the kelly green "pop" (especially the thin white outline of a silver wing on the kelly green helmet) whereas just kelly and white are a little bland.
  5. The Sword sheath inspiration is classic Nike BS. If anything a sheath would be angled the opposite direction or straight across. Reminds me of the Jaguars helmet when they said it was a Jaguar striking its prey from the shadows yet its going toward the black on the helmet. Oh no, Nike is making me try to understand their PR/Marketing statements....
  6. haha...Somewhere there is a dude at Nike who's toiled for the last 2 years on these uni's and reads this 45 seconds after they're unveiled. I love it!! haha
  7. Definitely...that would be the best part of this whole thing if that happened.
  8. Lots of chatter about silver pants (and that pic with the bag over the mannequin DOES look like the old silver/shiny pants) ...I didn't think NIKE could pull off the silver pants with their current materials which as we all know are mined off the moons of Jupiter and help players achieve super optimal performance and turbo charged 40 times previously not dreamed of. Current "silver" pants with Nike tend to just look grey....would be cool if that has changed.
  9. Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that the Philadelphia Eagles go back to Kelly Green & Silver... That's what's important! Kelly Green pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me Kelly Green and Silver Eagles uniforms! And if you do not listen, then the HELL with you!
  10. Nice Job...this is close to ideal. A couple things that i'd adjust (juts my opinion) 1. I always hated the Eagles updated wing on the helmet. The cut of the decal is more rounded. The older, simpler wing (just silver w/ white outline ) was better...it had like a 45 degree angle in the front that kind of...somehow makes the helmet look like its going forward. 2. No green pants. 3. I would prefer old school/college font block numbers. Overall great job though...I know the majority of eagles fans would lose their mind (with joy) if the team ever switched back to something like this.
  11. How about: The Frederick Douglas Hoo-Ha's
  12. Watching some player warm up right now and the eagles are wearing their "regular" black pants with the stripe..... and as usual most fans are wearing kelly green in vain hopes that the team will come to their senses and switch back to good uniforms
  13. Eagles wearing green facemasks tonight? Just saw this tweet by local philly news...could just be a graphics blunder / hadn't heard anything about green masks for this game otherwise.
  14. Surprisingly digging this Bengals uni exactly how it is...orange helmet and all. I actually think this might be the best set the Bengals have...(considering the mess they usually have with the half-toilet bowl collar, white side panel and dropshadows ect..)
  15. Could not agree more! definite upgrade. side note - as the one helmet rule continues (for some effing reason -future lawsuits / future schmawsuits) i hope teams get more and more creative with decals and facemasks in order to change things up a bit. (ala chargers this year too which might be the best "color r#$#" uni yet...
  16. Sixers Wearing these uni's too for the games with the center court logo change...
  17. Just saw this up on my twitter...Sixers using a different center court logo for several games this year to commemorate the 66'-67' championship team (which i think was Wilt Chamberlain and an all time great team)...Anyway- thought the logo looked nice and think this might be the first time this was done as a mid court logo as apposed to a patch or something...could be wrong though...(tried to post image but couldn't) http://www.nba.com/sixers/news/spirit-champion-celebration-commemorate-67-title-team center court sixers.jpg-large
  18. I had a condition called iritis my senior yr of high school. It's basically light sensitivity associated with a virus or cold...lasted about 5 days- healed with drops / no big deal. Anyway- as someone who spent hours buying neck rolls, custom face masks and spandex -usually from the womens section in Macy's (under armor was a fledgling company c.1997 so spandex was tough to find) all in an effort to look like a badass... this was the jackppot of all jackpots! haha...I quickly had my doctors note and a dark visor shortly thereafter.
  19. I wouldn't say everything...It drives me nuts that the Phillies go to all this trouble for throw back night and then use their current red batting helmets (albeit with the retro logo) with the old maroon uni's...They've brought these unis out 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years or so and this is the 2nd time they've done this (with the helmet) and it looks so stupid when the Phillies are up to bat. Also players like Freddy Galvis who go with the high socks wore his regular red socks with the blue liberty bell on them. Could no one scrape up a pair of maroon socks? (I know its wayyy too much to ask for stirrups...that's a whole other issue- haha)... But seriously...why even bother with retro maroon uniforms if you're gonna wear your red batting helmets? It would be like the eagles wearing their gorgeous Kelly Green, Silver and White uniforms but keeping their "Midnight Green" helmet. Couldn't find a good pic from last night but...they at least tried once a few years ago (the rollins pic) the Howard pic is from a few years ago and shows basically what they did last night only they were home last night.
  20. You know what, my bad...For some reason I didn't think that was a draft night trade.
  21. ?? The sixers didn't pick Nerlens Noel over anyone....In fact The sixers didn't even draft Noel. They traded Jrue Holiday and 2nd rounder -and received Noel and the 10th pick in the 2014 draft. It was a very good trade.
  22. I've had season tickets to the eagles and phillies since 2001 and I think the fans would love to see the 80's uniforms back from time to time. The fat 'P' logo is too good to never use. You also see tons of fans wearing the old stuff at games too so I think it would be welcomed. If i was the manager I would also FORCE everyone to wear stirrups with those uni's- haha
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