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  1. Thanks for the C&C. As for the crown, I'm actually OK with the simplicity, mainly because I'm a little worried about the details being lost when it is printed. Perhaps this is an unfounded worry, I just have never done it before. In terms of the tail of the badger meeting with the cobra, the yellows are definitely slightly different, which will be addressed. When you say that thicker lines are better, is it because they will stand out more when printed? I will definitely look into that as well. As for the font, I'll experiment and see what looks best. Are there any other things I should be aware of when this is physically put into print? The jersey itself is going to be can I make the badger "pop" more? Would thick lines do it? Last, this is currently saved as an SVG. Is there a way to convert it to an EPS so it is editable in Adobe? I don't know if you'll know the answer to a technical question like that, but I figured I'd give it a try.
  2. Thanks, I will definitely check out some other fonts, it seems that is really a sore point of the design.
  3. This reminds me of the Lebanese flag. This would be cool as a Christmas day specialty jersey or something. I think the tree on the helmet needs a bit more definition so you can see the different layers of the needles, but I like the uniqueness.
  4. A real quick question that I'm sure can be easily answered. Are inkscape files (SVG) considered to be "vector" files? My impression was that they were, since they can be resized without loss of data, but I'm not sure if they technically are. Additionally, if an inkscape file is saved as an SVG, is that able to be opened, and edited, in Illustrator? Thanks!
  5. Hmm Ok, I was wondering how the face would look when it's printed, that is a good point. I will also experiment with other fonts, thanks for the feedback!
  6. Alright, aside from the font, what about the design itself? I didn't realize that Papyrus enraged so many people haha, point has been taken.
  7. I actually really liked the font for this (since it's not a pro team jersey). Could you give me a bit of history as to why this font is so despised, as I wasn't aware it was disliked? Is it just very cliche and overused? Also, as someone who is not much of a designer, it is amazing that people can identify fonts so easily, I can't even identify Times New Roman haha.
  8. Haha, thank you, thank you. We were thinking of adding that as a word mark, but decided not to. Glad you got the reference though!
  9. Hey guys, this is a logo my girlfriend designed. She has never designed a logo before and did this from scratch, so I was pretty impressed. That said, I wanted to know how we could improve this. I think one thing it needs is some sort of "creasing" lines (for lack of a better word) to show how the snake is turning/contorting, in order to add perspective. Additionally, the logo needs to be limited to 3 colors, yellow, black, and white (for cost purposes). All C&C would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Points taken, I'll try to return more to a "traditional" color scheme. As for the logo itself, the tail was supposed to be more like a spur on the end of a boot, perhaps it needs to be straightened a bit, rather than the way it is angular right now?
  11. Hey guys, I have never attempted a logo before, but I wanted to try to give it a shot. A few weeks ago I made a post about how to get started, and I have tried to follow the advice that was given to me as best as possible. Obviously, this needs a lot of work, but I tried my best, especially when it comes to creating a clean product. So with that said, what can I do to improve this? If it matters, the logo was made via inkscape. Anyway, here is what I wanted to do...the Dallas Stars, in my opinion, have one of the most uninspired looks in the NHL. Additionally, I really think their color scheme needs a change, as it pretty much was just taken from the days in Minnesota. Originally, I wanted to go with the Texas flag colors, however blue and red didn't really work all that well, and it seemed a bit forced. After a lot of different combinations, I settled on the 2 different blues. I also did not incorporate black, as I know many of you do not like black in logos. With that said, what can I do to improve this concept? Is it too Dallas Mavericks-esque? Is it too forced with the "star" concept? Does the font need changing/resizing? Does the logo itself need complete reworking? Any C&C would be appreciated, as I really want to try to improve my designs. Thanks everyone!
  12. Man, the guy asked for C&C on what HE made, not on what has been used in the past. If I were the OP, I'd be pissed that you didn't even look at his concept. I'll echo what others have said: The first logo is good (and IMO does not need to be changed in any way). The second logo looks bad because of the perspective. I'll admit, I'm not good at drawing living figures, but what I see that is wrong in yours is that the left arm and torso looks like they're backwards. The right arm seems short, and the back doesn't look right. I'd also say that the sword is just too long for the Cavalier. Keep working with it though, it's going on great! I saw the concept he made man, and I dont think it's any good nor that the Cleveland Cavs need another rebranding. But that is only my opinion, so chill out man. So, you join yesterday, and end up telling the OP what he made is not any good, and that the Cavs don't need a rebranding, yet all the OP is doing is posting a concept (and a very well executed one, at that)? Wow, enjoy your stay here... To the OP, I like the logos a lot. The one thing I had a bit of trouble with was making out the features on the Cavalier on the 2nd logo, it seems like they may need a bit more definition. Aside from that, it's looking real good.
  13. Long time lurker here, but I rarely post...that said, this set inspired me to post...quite an interesting series here, both for historical, and design reasons. I'm not sure if you're still taking requests, but if you are, what about the following: 1.) Vermont Republic 2.) Kingdom of Israel 3.) Kingdom of Nri 4.) Llanrwst I hope that these requests fit the aforementioned parameters and that you can find symbols/flags/crests etc. Keep up the great work and interesting project!
  14. Wow, I am loving these jerseys, especially your secondary jersey and the tertiary logo. The tertiary is so simple yet such an awesome and creative blend. The Red Alt with the Peace Tower is amazing, but I feel like the shoulder stripes are just a tad too thick. If they were the same width as the bottom stripes it may seem a bit more symmetrical, but that's just me. All in all, an awesome concept, I'm really liking these.
  15. I personally have always been a big fan of the goofy Penguin on the Pen's jerseys where he's got the scarf on, which is strange because I usually hate the cartoony looking logos. In terms of execution this is very good, and I give you props for creating a totally new logo, I have tried to do it in the past and it's very difficult (at least for me haha). I just don't know if it fits the Penguins, but it is very clean and nice original logo.