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  1. Well, you're a flaming douche bag. How long did it take you to come up with that? Its very original. I spent all day thinking about it. Well Im not surprised, you seem to have nothing better to do.
  2. Well, you're a flaming douche bag. How long did it take you to come up with that? Its very original.
  3. Put the secondary logo on the shoulder...theres to many stars on the jersey the way you have it. And change the socks... I like the concept alot though, nice work!
  4. Send the red and brown ones to the Grizzlies immediatly!
  5. The red and brown one is better imo. Im not a fan of the black or brown jersey in the update version. Sorry man but the original was much better...others may disagree but in my opinion the red, brown and beige looked sharp and unique.
  6. Love it. Colours are unique in the NBA and they all work well together. Logos and wordmarks are amazing as well. I wouldnt mind seeing the white jersey in the beige colour that you used. It would be different to have a beige jersey rather then white.
  7. Its basically the same isnt it? Just new shade of green?
  8. Love the Hawks, Bulls and Pistons sets. The Bulls set is really modern but I like it, they need an update.
  9. NO! Im sorry man but you took an already good looking uniform and turned it into something I wouldnt want an NBDL team to be wearing. The jersey template is awful, I hate the pattern you used. The colours are terrible as well, keep the Raptors as red, white and black. Im sorry but this is far, far from being a good concept.
  10. Who cares what other people think. If you want to do 1000 concepts a day then so be it. This is a concept board isnt it? For the jersey, I actually like it. I really like the Philadelphia wordmark on the front. I don't like the hat though, put the P on it and make it all red.
  11. The Detroit jersey looks really bad with the cup logo there. All the Wings need to do is move the main logo down a bit or make the "C" and "A" smaller so they fit on the left. Its ment to be on the left (on the side of the heart), it looks stupid on the right.
  12. That Sens logo is pretty bad though...its not suitable for any sports team in my opinion.
  13. Reminds me of the Senators old uniforms...and because of that, I cant like them. Lol Its alright, but either slim the gold trim or get rid of it all together, Im dont like the addition of gold to the jersey. Keep is as red, white and black.
  14. Am I the only one who likes the shorts with the top panel being bigger then the bottom? I think its unique and looks really good.
  15. ^I cant picture that top logo on a jersey though...
  16. Some of those Charlotte Flight logos are actually pretty nice. But I dont think "Flight" is an NBA-type name. More like WNBA or NBDL.
  17. I really like this logo, I think it could make a great alternate logo for the Hawks.
  18. Hey man, could you transition some sigs for me? You've made them all already. Ones you've made: Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Raptors Hamilton Tiger-Cats Can you please make these 2 as well: San Diego Chargers Toronto FC Can you have them all transition once your done? Thanks alot man!
  19. Thanks alot man, they look great.
  20. Perfection! This is an amazing concept man. I have nothing bad to say about this concept. By far, one of the best NBA concepts Ive seen. Great work man.
  21. I wish the picture was in colour...to be honest, it doesnt look that bad. I just hope teams dont start the trend of wordmarks as the main logo...