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  1. Ballpark Stats

    "Mast and Arch" retractable roof design will provide a shelter from sun & rain and capture bay breezes while retaining the character of an open air ballpark & preserving sweeping views of the skyline and waterfront.

    Conditioned concourses and cool zones will be provided to maximize comfort for all fans.

    The state-of-the-art roof can deploy in 6-8 minutes.

    The ballpark's intimate design will recreate the felling of Spring Training year round. Nearly two-thirds of all seats will be located in the lower portion of the seating bowl.

    The ballpark will offer a variety of new seating options at reasonable price points for the general public, including families. Only a very small percentage of seats will be on a Club Level or in Luxury Suites.

    Family-friendly amenities will be found throughout the ballpark, continuing the Rays commitment to providing fun and affordable family entertainment.

    There will be a large number of eating and drinking options in the new ballpark, including a two-story bar with a large outdoor deck down the right field

    line overlooking he field and the bay.

    New public open spaces surrounding the ballpark will link waterfront destinations and provide a forum for civic, cultural, community and entertainment gatherings and events throughout the year.

    Public art, creative water features and innovative landscaping will ring the ballpark, creating distinctive amenities for all to enjoy.

    New shops and restaurants will further activate 1st Street.

    The waterfront esplanade along Bayshore Drive will be transformed into a game-day amenity with activities, food vendors and entertainment.

    The ballpark will be fully accessible and serve the needs of all patrons.

    The Rays will be hiring an accessibility consultant to help plan and design for the best fan experience possible for guests with disabilities.

    12,000 parking spaces are located within a 15 minute walk of the site, significantly more than what currently exists within the same walking distance from Tropicana Field.

    Over 5,000 parking spaces will be constructed nearby as part of the redevelopment of Tropicana Field, and additional parking will be constructed adjacent to the ballpark.

    A detailed traffic management and parking study will be created in cooperation with the City and downtown stakeholders to ensure orderly ingress and egress.

    Traffic agents and real-time signage will help all patrons get to open parking lots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    By moving from Tropicana Field to the new ballpark, the Rays are reducing their carbon footprint by almost 70%.

    Additionally, the Rays? commitment to sustainable design and LEED certification will make the new ballpark one of the most environmentally-friendly stadiums in North America.

    The financing details are still under discussion, but the project will be a huge financial net positive for the City and County.

    The ballpark will funded through a private contribution from the Rays, a portion of the value created from redeveloping the Tropicana Field site, and limited funding from the State of Florida.

    It is important to note that no new taxes will be levied and no funds that could otherwise be used to support city or county services will be used to fund the ballpark.

  2. This whole thing reminds me of what San Diego did with Petco Park, renovating an area of the city, centered around the Ballpark.

    It almost reminds me of the Grand Avenue Project in Los Angeles as well, with the exception that there's no ballpark.

    If you wanted to stretch it, you could say that this is sort of like L.A. Live as well, substituting Staples Center with the new ballpark.

    Official Site of Major League Downtown (This whole St. Pete project)

    Great site, really informative.

  3. I thought all Tampa and St. Petersburg area, especially the newspapers, referred to the Devil Rays as the Rays.

    As for the stadium, it's awesome! I love how it's shaped like a stingray judging by the potential overhead view!!

    Or a singular sperm...


    The roof also looks like a shell.

  4. whatthefont.com didn't help me out as my image contains two different fonts. I originally put this together, but, that computer has since died with the original .ai file on it, so, I need help to reproduce a printable version to work with.


    Thanks for your help.

    Old constructed caps for "EMPIRE" I believe:



    and a bolded Aon Cari Celtic for "The Devil's" I believe:


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