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  1. Last time I checked this is CC Sports Logo. not CC US Sports Logo. And what about football eh i mean soccer not a real sport?? First try to play it for 90 minutes, and you can comeback to say to me that soccer is not a real sport. Dont get me wrong I live in Indonesia but I love US Sport as a matter a fact i love almost every sport, and for people like you who say bad things about sport they dont know nothing about is very dissapoint me. You know what soccer is the biggest sport in the world, the only REAL world champion is Soccer World champion, not your so called NFL, MLB, or NBA (spurs got it right btw) world champ. btw sorry for my bad english. back to the topic, Italy jersey suck big time. Congrats Puma you make the impossible possible. Italy always have classy jersey and take a big effort to make it like junk.
  2. They still have their gold kits, of course if they are at home the other team will have to switch or use their home jersey with white short and white socks
  3. or spoon and arrows in fedex
  4. Not Premiership, but this is new juventus jersey White jersey is for goalie AC Milan Inter Milan away Barcelona
  5. love the unis, that's the good template. not too fanatic with the logo though