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  1. 1 hour ago, pepis21 said:

    Every Parley uniforms need to be bland, ugly and monochromatic? First Bayern and Real, later MLS x2, now NHL. C"mon, add some life to that things!


    This one is Parley and looks great

  2. 3 hours ago, monkeypower said:

    The Calgary Hitmen are going to be playing three games in the first week of February in the old Stampede Corral and the email release says they're going to be wearing "commemorative jerseys" from the past including Calgary Centennials, the Calgary Wranglers and the Calgary Cowboys, who all played in the Corral. The Centennials and Wranglers being the previous WHL teams in Calgary and the Cowboys being the WHA team.


    It seems like with three games and three teams, they'd be wearing a jersey for each game but it could also be just an only warmup thing.

    Pictures of the jerseys for these games: