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  1. Strasbourg Marseille today, light blue vs royal blue shirts
  2. I wonder what comes to the GM's mind to do this when the fans have protested repeatedly throughout the season.
  3. yellow shirt, blue shorts, white socks blue shirt, white shorts, blue socks we should never move away from that. it already stings when FIFA makes us wear white shorts with the yellow shirt.
  4. As a Brazilian, I absolutely hate seeing Brazil playing in white.
  5. Looks like it was a choice made by the players that really like the black jersey.
  6. According to the Daily Hive, Canucks will be making changes to their home and away jerseys, will have a new 3rd jersey, and will also bring back the spaghetti-skate black jersey for next season (this one is not new, since it won a survey previously) https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/canucks-jersey-changes-2019
  7. I really like Pacific and Halifax identities, but I'm really not convinced their matchup will look good.
  8. France kits by Nike have mostly been good, I still think they should have more red details on the shirts like in the 90's/2000s. Those kits were my favorites
  9. Yes - but it's been for years that Dortmund puposedly chooses to have their CL Kit with the home colors
  10. FC Cincinnati is only selling replica versions of their new kits, because apparently that's all they got, and the players will be playing with those aswell. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/02/fc-cincinnati-will-wear-replica-quality-kits.html
  11. They should switch their new 3rd as primary. New logo looks much better.
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