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  1. Using the very same logic that alternate jerseys were introduced in the 90’s and now there’s some teams have 4, teams also started to wear more than one helmet for throwback purposes in the 90s and so far the NFL has never allowed alternate colored helmets for current uniforms. They actually restricted different helmets with the one helmet rule. They never relented on helmets despite some teams trying to introduce alternate helmets with modern sets.
  2. Ah, I didn’t realize we were at the stage of using nicknames for executives. I knew of Demoff but couldn’t have told you what his given name was in a million years (or the vast majority of sports executives, tbh)
  3. What does Kevin Durant have to do with this? And why would he care?
  4. Or just get ready for one helmet for the current set and the possibility of throwbacks with different helmet colors, like it was before the one helmet rule.
  5. Bring back the Health patch! (Or tweak it to Social Distancing)
  6. Shouldn’t the interlocking feet mirror the standing foot of each heron? I always asssumed they were the same, just interlocking. This looks like they have claws longer than their toes
  7. The perspective of the horn on the ram is sending me. Is the reason that we see the lower part of the horn as white closest to the head, and we see the horn make a loop but we never see the white again that the tip of the horn is pointing toward its own head? I’m definitely explaining it wrong but it’s very rough compared to the old ram head
  8. The Belarusian Premier League is still playing. Belarus’s dictator measures against Covid-19 is for everyone to drink 40-50 milliliters of vodka a day, go to the sauna, and work hard
  9. These but with white helmets and the lightning bolt always against a white outline=perfection
  10. The Olympics aren’t an American event, and American viewership is a fraction of worldwide viewership. The Sidney Olympics were in September despite the NFL season, and they caused soccer leagues to start later than usual (with a very possible postponement of EURO2020 that would be unfeasible but they could start without Olympics players similar to how AFCON Is handled). Postponing the Olympics by a full year would put additional strain on Japan, with many of the facilities being temporary (and maintaining them for a year). I think the IOC will be more concerned in avoiding huge cost overruns than NBC’s programming. They’re already finding it difficult to receive host bids as is.
  11. At the very least, I would not be surprised by a 4/6 week delay. Remember that there’s a ton of Olympic qualifiers that have been postponed and so those would have to be made up at some point before the Olympics. Athletes generally train very specifically for 4 years so they can hit their peak athletic capacity right at that time so it will be interesting to see how it effects them. A mid-September Olympic has already been done in Seoul and Sidney, so I don’t think it should be much of a problem except for some hotel booking issues. Anything past that and I think it probably gets too cold, meaning they’d postpone it to next year
  12. It will still be an upgrade because of what it is replacing, but it’s still so disappointing to hear they’re almost entirely removing the orange. If anything, if they wanted to update the Super Bowl set without going back to it entirely, they should have INCREASED the orange in favor of black. Orange trim on collars and sleeves, maybe do away with the black outlines on numbers and pants stripes or at least change the proportion so the orange was more apparent than black
  13. The Puma home kits leaked. Much better than the past decade or so, it seems like they finally ditched the super tight fit and futuristic design Italy Switzerland Czechia Serbia And Austria, which might make Arsenal fans regret the timing of their switch to adidas
  14. At first glance, I could’t even tell if that was supposed to be a Rams hat or a Chargers hat. Not ideal!
  15. If we consider heraldric names of colors as applicable in modern settings, would we also consider the Colts as having silver pants? IMO, Athletic gold is a shade of yellow just as cardinal and scarlet are shades of red.m, or kelly and forest are shades of green. They just called it gold to make it appear more regal. But if the color had been known as athletic yellow instead it would be absurd for anybody to say it’s actually more similar to metallic gold