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  1. I find the current crest very middle of the road and it could certainly use something to make it more unique, but this isn’t it. A triangle added to the crest when Black and gold is already similar to Pittsburgh is an oversight. Don’t love the name Crew but it’s historic for MLS, and the fans just had a very public campaign that kept the team in Columbus with a hashtag of #SaveTheCrew, that’s all the connection between name and city you need. After all, Columbus is hardly a unique city name.
  2. Anderson Varejao returning to the Cavs as a 38 year old after 5 years out the league was practically made for this thread
  3. I am not at all opposed to structural change within European soccer, and I’m pretty sure I even posted a proposal for a European League in the reel-line-mint thread. But this proposal is only meant to shield the clubs who have spectacularly :censored:ed up their finances from any risk. The solution to the arms race against clubs owned by literal nation states should have been to acknowledge that the current model is uncompetitive, and that a pan-European league placed on top of the existing pyramid could institute a salary cap and a limit on transfer fees between those giant clubs. But that would have meant that a few of the clubs who have been mismanaged for years might be left out of the big boys club for a while. Or the other option would have been to restructure for a few years, clean the books, but they’re afraid of being able to get back to the top, despite all the structural advantages already going their way. I really hope the national leagues kick them out, but I’m doubtful that the other clubs will ever choose competitive integrity over money Though I must admit, Florentino Perez using a clown show such as El Chiringuito as the place where to lay out his vision, where he cries poor and then jokes about buying Mbappe, was legitimately hilarious if it wasn’t also disgusting.
  4. Took more than a couple of plays to realize the Suns in white were the road team with the Bucks in blue on a green court
  5. Weird that the Delle Donne retail leak had a hyphen, I can only assume it was a retail error. I’m actually shocked the WNBA is minimizing sponsors and bringing back individuality
  6. Shame, gold numbers would have fit in really well with that Germany kit. I don’t know how soulless you have or be to prefer that bland corporate federation logo to the Mirò inspired one. The crest is also a major downgrade, the fully colored one is way better than the monochrome one they’ve been using lately and the generic shield exacerbates the crest within a crest.
  7. Bucks and Nets looked great. Mavs-Thunder looked like an intrasquad scrimmage or one of those 00’s Mavs-Jazz games
  8. Since their statement is already blue and I can’t see them doing 3 similar blue jerseys I’m guessing the color was white with the summer league wordmark? Maybe in blue with a white and orange outline
  9. The Jerry West silhouette in the NBA logo is gold on the Lakers
  10. Seeing these together made me register how close the Thunder look to the Mavs. Leaving the orange out was a bad idea. Overall, probably the best “edition” Nike has made so far
  11. These might be my favorite Pacers uniforms of all time, that shimmery material is beautiful. It would have made way more sense for the Pacers to have 80’s inspired uniforms and for the All Star Game to have that stupid cornfield ‘We Grow Basketball Here’ branding. It remains bizarre that they’re using them in Atlanta when they’re not even being sold, they have motion lines on the star logo when the new star logo doesn’t. Does Nike not have the turnaround speed adidas had when they moved the Charlotte All Star Game?
  12. I don’t think that freeing the design features from the panels works as well here as it did for the Chargers: Tigers are overwhelmingly black stripes on orange, not the other way round. This way it just looks like a cheap imitation and I’d rather they ditch the tiger stripes wholesale instead of orange stripes on black. An orange shoulder panel containing the black stripes like in the original tiger stripes uniforms would have been better
  13. Here’s the website to vote: www.milanocortina2026.org These are both awful, but the Futura option being inspired by drawing on fogged windows is so bad and will disappear at a distance much like its inspiration. Dado isn’t great but at least the colors are fine, the perspective looks messed up, it looks like it was made on MSPaint. Huge downgrade on the Torino 2006 logo
  14. Just spitballing here, is there a chance they aren’t wearing it since they aren’t in their city, making a City uniform about Toronto (really Drake, but let’s pretend) ill fitting? I’m still hoping they wear something to thank Tampa like the Hornets did in OKC
  15. This is so dumb. If they aren’t selling it anyways, just repurpose the old generic uniforms with the team logos on the front. Or make a limited production, just plop the All Star logo on the front as a script. Why are they wasting a clearly Pacers inspired design on Atlanta?