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  1. Interesting detail on that green Spurs kit: The swoosh and crest are actually raised, so a small sliver of that peach/orange protrudes any time it’s not seen straight on
  2. They’re just practice courts. From what I’ve seen they’ve brought in the two Magic courts (makes sense), the Heat Vice (sure) and... the Pacers? You’d think they could find some other courts they could lay down in hotel ballrooms without having to bring them from Indianapolis but apparently not.
  3. The Rockets have adidas logos on their stanchion for games (although I think they change it to Spalding for nationally televised ones). The Celtics training center is sponsored by New Balance and I always see a bunch of New Balance logos in the backdrop of their interviews. Don’t know how else this kind of relationship works other than brand visibility stuff
  4. Interesting brand placement here with the adidas logos on the screens, the New Balance logos superimposed on the floor, in a league entirely sponsored by Nike. Are they doing individual team sponsors for whichever side’s baskets? Because it was a Rockets “home” game, and they have an adidas sponsorship, while the Celtics have a NB one
  5. How in the world did they not have a protocol in place in case this situation arose and decided that the players deciding for themselves would be a good idea? I guess not unprecedented, but still embarrassingly stupid
  6. LOL. I’ll never mock a team for trying to line up a rebrand with a new stadium again.
  7. Wait, did they change the cuff striping to just yellow? Why change the pants striping to a triple stripe instead of the double one? How are the :censored:ing this up when they haven’t even started rebranding? They just needed to take off the name from the front. Maybe put the numbers in a white circle on the helmet. This also disproves a few “you can’t do anything at such short notice” arguments. You CAN , it’s just a matter of will and money
  8. The name is pretty dumb and I thought there were several better options available, but I’m not mad about it. I think Golden Knights was worse TBH, and it doesn’t even come close to names like Wild. The logos are really, really good. The uniforms are incredible. If anything, the thing I’m most disappointed about is the color scheme. While it’s good on its own merits, it looks more befitting of the Jets. I could even see it something like a mid-00’s alternate reality Nordiques look, with a darker blue and double blues everywhere. I really liked the black/salmon/seafoam look they had on the website and it could have easily been kept for Kraken. Or keeping with the Seattle theme of blue and green could have been done with dark enough colors. Having said that, now that they got a team identity, it’s time to bring back the Sonics
  9. It was at the start of the first Florentino Perez presidency, and I think it’s more closely tied to those teams (sort of like Orange Crush is tied to the Broncos in the 80’s) then a blanket nickname for the team. Merengues or Blancos are way more common, Vikingos in Spain and talking about the fan base. It was a very lucky coincidence that a Galáctico went on to play for the Galaxy, especially since they looked so similar to Real Madrid. Was the rebrand unveiled before or after they got Beckham?
  10. The problem with this is that soccer is such a universal sport that to restrict the naming conventions to the English clubs is really limiting. Yes, the English were the first and many throughout the world copied their conventions (or team names outright) but local cultures also started pretty much immediately and have become part of soccer culture. So if it’s become accepted that a a team could be named after a poem, figures from Greek mythology, a Portuguese explorer, Latin or Greek words, Japanese-Italian portmanteaus, or even be named something closer to North American naming conventions like Miners, Tigers, Partisans or Orlando Pirates, I see no reason why an American naming would look too out of place. The real problem was that most of the original MLS names were terrible by American naming conventions too. I do prefer following mostly European conventions but saying that no other naming style works doesn’t even reflect the reality of European soccer
  11. With the FC in the roundel I’d consider dropping the Football Club a the bottom and moving minted 2022 there instead of cramping them on the side. Or they could have added a Town, Athletic or Crown there.Though I think the crown needs to be wider and the base should be switched from moving downwards to upwards. How would the crown look directly on top of the C in the monogram?
  12. This is... bland. It’s pretty disappointing that they had such an elaborate name-the-team unveiling only to come up with the blandest and most common name. You’ll never do anything laughably bad if you go Cityname FC but it was a missed opportunity of choosing something a bit more unique and locally relevant. I’m pretty disappointed by the color scheme too, there’s already 2 MLS blue/black teams and the blue could have been a bit closer to electric. What’s the point of putting “Minted” on the crest if you don’t reference it at all on the team name and you go with unrelated colors simply because the owner owns the primary tenant of the stadium? They could have tied up “Minted” and the reference to the mint with mint or dollar bill green, instead it’s just there as a reference without having any part in steering the identity. The crest is fine I guess, I hope the use the CLT more. They had a blank slate in which to create something unique and instantly recognizable as Charlotte but wholly independent from other teams and instead they went bland Panthers knockoff
  13. Big fan of what Puma’s dons with Slavia Prague, love the sublimated coat of arms surrounded by the astronomical clock And PSG with their best kits in a decade including a return of royal blue on the away (shame about the boxy sponsor though) And this might be unpopular but I really like the Memphis style Inter shirts. The away is no different in concept to the myriad white shirts with team color trim, just done in an unconventional way that tributes local design