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  1. The “Oakland Forever” court, it’s starting to feel a bit sadistic. Also of note the W lightning logo they’re using
  2. It might just be my strong disapproval of this name change talking, but I really don’t think it’s quite so terrible, considering the constraints of wanting to appeal to both English speakers and French speakers. Just that excludes the vast majority of classic North American plural naming conventions. Impact sound almost like an Americanized version of Dynamo in the same vein that Union is an Americanized version of United. It is very 90’s and kind of minor league, but IMO that’s part of the charm and kind of the point, they were a 90’s minor league team. It’s not uncommon for minor league names that are clearly dated being brought to the big leagues- the Nets have been in the NBA for almost 50 years. Is it really so bad if we have some teams that aren’t shiny examples of marketing and just have campy 90’s names?
  3. What a terrible move. Yes, Impact sounded kind of minor league, but that’s part of what makes them one of the more unique clubs in MLS, the only team without NASL roots that played in the minor leagues and wasn’t started with the direct purpose of making the jump to MLS. They’re a relic of a specific period of North American soccer that doesn’t deserve to all be thrown in the trash just because it was a struggle, those 30 years of history is North American football heritage. A big problem with MLS is the perceived lack of history so why are you throwing it all out? The Sox names in MLB or the Packers also probably sounded stupid by the time teams weren’t being named for hosiery or meat packing firms but they stuck by it and they are the most historical, old timey names in the league It doesn’t hurt that Impact works in both French and English, and that the IMFC initials are fairly recognizable. City Name FC is so bland, and it’s made worse by their biggest rivals being the first to bring that naming style over to North America.
  4. This is interesting I’m guessing it’s meant to look as if there are some splotches of water on the surface on the numbers more than the numbers themselves looking wet. If the intention was to appear wet they should have just used a fabric that showed sweat. in all the colors the Bucks have paired with green throughout the years this is the first time there’s no green on a Bucks uniform. LOVE the Pacers. That Indiana flag backboard logo is great, the pinstripes aren’t my favorite set of theirs but it’s better than the wheat fields stuff. In navy blue it would be a huge upgrade over their past two sets
  5. A darker shade of blue and a V collar instead of crew cut and it’s damn near identical to the Knicks black trimmed uniforms. Would probably be too close
  6. Hey can you help introduce me to this site please, I’m brand new

  7. Hey mate. I was wondering what the '10' represents in the AS Roma celebratory badge?

    1. UnclearInitial


      It's not really an ASRoma badge, it's a design celebrating Francesco Totti (hence the 10 and the 1976 in Roman numerals) that was part of the Football's bandiere series by Sean Rainey

    2. ThierryH14


      Ok thanks for the clarification. Should have realized in the end. Cheers mate!