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  1. On 10/19/2017 at 11:56 AM, insert name said:

    So are baseball uniforms the only true authentic uniforms you can get? 


    No, you can also buy authentic soccer uniforms. I believe Nike's Vapor Match and Adidas' adizero are the exact same as on-field. 

  2. I'm very similar to Sykotyk in terms of what I collect. Whenever I travel, I always try to catch some game. Baseball and basketball have been the easiest to catch (really because of the quantity) and then hockey. Football I haven't really developed a system for yet since I rarely ever catch a football game unless I specifically travel for it. 


    But, usually, I always try to get a program/yearbook/media guide. These have definitely been the longest lasting keepsakes. I also usually get a shirt from the team store as well. Then, I usually get a team-branded ball/puck/mini-bat (baseball/hockey), or scarf (soccer). Basketball is a little bit all over the place. I've got random things (mini-hoops, other trinkets) that I've lost. Programs/yearsbooks/media guides/ticket stubs have been the ones that have survived the years. 

  3. I love this thread. I've been an avid mini helmet collector. I don't have access to all of them, so some of them will be off of memory (they're in a storage unit in Portland and I'm getting settled in Seattle). Pictures will come later. Here's what I have:

    Denison University custom Revo

    Ohio University Revo

    **wife's two alma mater's**

    Michigan revo (my alma mater)

    Michigan QB style

    Seattle Seahawks current QB style

    Seattle Seahawks 00's QB style

    Seattle Seahawks 80s/90s QB style

    Seahawks SB champs Revo

    Seahawks/Broncos/SB48 Revo (I attended SB 48, so I commemorated it that way)

    Patriots/Eagles/SB39 QB style (Ditto as above)

    90s/00s 49ers, Current Giants, Old Vikings, Colts (Blue Facemask), Old Rams, SB34, SB32 (Elway signed), Old U-Washington, Old Seahawks--all old style (thick facemask)

    Cowboys mini-helmet tape dispenser/office supply holder

    Old 49ers mini-helmet piggy bank

    Current Pocket Pros for all NFL teams

    Gumball mini-helmets for all 30 90s teams

    **Planning on getting**

    Complete set of 32 NFL mini-helmets/display cases once I'm fully settled (will have the weekly matchups, etc.) for my office

    NCAA Pocket Pros for the 5 major conferences

    Full-size Michigan and Seahawks authentic helmets

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