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  1. Great job on the USF set. I wish we had those right now.
  2. I really like the pinstripes on the Johnnies set. Very well done. I'm kind of torn on the flag side panels for the roads for Maryland. Just doesn't pop as much as it does for the alts and the home set. Can you do a USF concept next?
  3. Hey can I get a USF football #67
  4. They turned out really well. Can't wait to see the home set.
  5. Duke does use the Old English D for baseball.
  6. Here are the new jerseys for USF next year. They are switching from Nike to UA. I think it could have been a lot worse, but I like them. Hopefully they switch the helmet decals and facemask back to green next year.
  7. Can I get a USF sig in the CBS style?
  8. AstroBull

    New sigs...

    Can I request a USF Bulls sig? Thanks in advance.
  9. Those are fantastic. Great work!