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  1. A taste of what to expect AUSCAR at Adelaide International Raceway, 1998 NASCAR 100, Bathurst, 1998
  2. I'm not sure AIR (Adelaide) is in any better condition to Calder tbh. Volvo have two cars, so if they're happy with two why argue? You also have the Chevy SS and Commodore, which are the exact same car. With a 40-50 car entry, you could easily support 7-8 manufacturers. The GT3 class has a dozen manufacturers! Anyway I do look forward to seeing where you take this. Are you going to be simming the races?
  3. Its an interesting idea to build ovals in Oz/NZ where there isn't any history of paved oval racing. I doubt NZ would be able to handle your races financially either, given none of the circuits (outside maybe Pukekohe) have the facilities required for top-level motorsports. That might be something you can overlook though. I'd also look at track densities too, as outside Bathurst, no circuit in Oz or NZ could take 42 cars. Most will struggle with 30. Have you considered borrowing from the Aussie racing scene? eg. these guys: Or running V8Supercars in parallel or combined with the Australian series. You need Volvos
  4. I'm not really feeling the WIPs as standalone crests. Perhaps combine the WIPs with the original crest (I quite like the orange ribbon/circle), replacing the three seaxes (swords) and see how that looks? Is there also any reason for deleting two of the seaxes? Three seems more fitting given the Essex connection. Of the WIPs, I like bottom left best. The single seax looks better on a more vertical angle.
  5. My hometown team - Love it! I think you might have stumbled upon something here too. Canterbury/Christchurch is very much red & black territory, so the colours are about right (black away strip please!), and for "the most English city outside of England" red and white aren't bad ideas either. IMO the sash should be left-shoulder to right-hip, so the crest is on it, but that be nitpicking.