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  1. Jets: WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thunder: Really impressive. Sorry, I'm not much of a fan of minor league sports. I cheered for the Jets because I wish the Jets would come back, even though I don't live there.
  2. THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE! I can't believe you did that. That is PERFECT!
  3. Walk to the stadium, unless you live too far away.
  4. First: looks like a jackal with a big nose Second: delete hooves and make nose smaller Third: much better, just a little more nosework.
  5. First of all, there is the all new "no-helmet mode". You heard right, you can now play hockey without helmets. Put your favorite teams or historical teams into a game and play pre-eighties style without helmets. Hopefully next year, they will have a no-ads mode. Second of all, as usual, they have lots of throwbacks. Some are not real throwbacks (2000 Blue Jackets? Come on.). Some are inaccurate (1992 Nord's). Many, however, are little known. It's the little-known throwbacks that make it fun. Third is that they still have the vintage rink with no advertisements, blue ice, and the old NHL logo at center ice. I like playing there when the game is pre-sixties. Fourth is the all-new Heratige Classic. Thanks to an experiment the NHL made last year, you can now play any game outdoors. You will have to unlock the feature, though. Once you do, you will be able to play the actual game as well as make up your own. Note: you are limited to one set of throwbacks per team and the Habs vs. the Oilers on Heritage Clasic mode, you will have to go to Exhibition mode to use any other team or throwback.
  6. In NBA Live 2005, I noticed that there are All-Star teams for Europe and one for the rest of the World (excluding the United States). The latter is known as the International All-Stars, the former is known as the European All-Stars. I was wondering if there has ever been an All-Star game like this, or if this is just an idea EA Sports had. Perhaps it was merely an exhibition game. Either way, it seems like an interesting idea. Perhaps have it every year the Summer Olympics occur. The next International NBA All-Star Game in that case would be in the 2007-08 season, at the same time as the Beijing Olympics. This brings to mind the NHL's temporary switching to international format in the 1997-98 season. If they had used an international All-Star Game only when a Winter Olympics occurred, it would have occurred in 1998 and later in 2002. The first for Nagano, the second for Salt Lake City. The next would be in 2006 for Torino. I believe that having occasional international All-Star Games would be nice if we excluded the United States. The US is too nt in All-Star Games. How about an international MLB All-Star Game? Lot's of Asians and Latinos in baseball. It would be interesting. However, I doubt it would work in football.
  7. QUARTERBACKS 1. Dan Marino 2. Steve Young 3. Ken Stabler 4. Phil Simms 5. Jim Plunkett HM: Ken Anderson RUNNING BACKS 1. Herschel Walker 2. Roger Craig 3. Gerald Riggs RECIEVERS 1. Michael Irvin 2. Brent Jones 3. Art Monk 4. Cliff Branch 5. Drew Pearson HM: Henry Ellard OFFENSIVE LINEMEN 1. Bob Kuechenberg 2. Jeff Van Note 3. Joe Jacoby 4. Gary Zimmerman 5. Russ Grimm HM: Ray Donaldson DEFENSIVE LINEMEN 1. Richard Dent 2. L.C. Greenwood 3. Ed ?Too Tall? Jones 4. Claude Humphrey 5. Harvey Martin HM: Charles Haley LINEBACKERS 1. Randy Gradishar 2. Karl Mecklenburg 3. Harry Carson 4. Clay Matthews 5. Derrick Thomas HM: Sam Mills DEFENSIVE BACKS 1. Lester Hayes 2. Steve Atwater 3. Donnie Shell 4. Albert Lewis 5. Ken Riley HM: Roger Wehrli SPECIAL TEAMERS 1. Steve Tasker 2. Albert Shelley PLACEKICKERS 1. Ray Guy 2. Nick Lowery COACHES 1. Dan Reeves 2. Jimmy Johnson 3. Don Coryell 4. Chuck Knox CONTRIBUTORS 1. Ed DeBartolo, Jr. 2. George Young 3. Art l 4. Ralph Wilson, Jr. 5. Paul Tagliabue HM: Paul Haggerty