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  1. Just wanna say i'm loving this series..
  2. Flame

    Rebranding the NHL

    Reminds me way too much of GhettoFarmBoys Isles concepts. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Yeah not a fan of the thirds at all. Reminds me too much of Tampa. Maybe if the blue was lighter it would be better.
  4. Wow everything about this is really nice. Love love love the logos, especially the one in the circle. The jerseys are really slick.
  5. Few requests: Calgary Flames - Welcome to the 'C' of Red. Toronto Blue Jays - Canada's team.
  6. The jerseys are the same as the Flames jerseys, except the yellow is now silver, and instead of an Alberta flag there's a BC flag.
  7. Vector ducks logo, dallas scripts, bolts script, "SJ" logo.
  8. I've spent like half an hour trying to find the beaver and its just not coming to me. (please ignore how this could sound dirty) Edit: Now I see it, its a beaver with a mustache.
  9. I have 3 different computers and on 2 of them they really do contrast well, but on the other it seems as if its the same colour. The comp I did the concept on seemed to contrast quite well. Thanks for commenting btw
  10. First off let me state that I am one of the small few who don't like the 'Hawks current logos and jerseys. But, when I saw the Hawks unveil their new winter classic jerseys as seen here I absolutely loved them. So I with the WC jersey in mind I did this concept. Also I recoloured the logos as you can see, and got rid of all the orange, green, and blue that is in the Hawks logo (one of the things that bugged me) Comments & Criticism please
  11. Just wanted to add a "Thank you", will you be deleting this from your photobucket or would it be wise to save them?
  12. Great to see you back. Fantastic concept as always, are you gonna make an alt?
  13. It says 'it'll be worth it', so I'm guessing it's a team we don't have much of a clue about right now, like the Isles or Phoenix