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  1. I gotta admit, the logo looks fantastic. But somehow the green doesn't seem to work at all in my mind. Try making the green darker but keep the logo blue.
  2. Will we see Vichy France or perhaps when New Brunswick Newfoundland was it's own country before joining Canada?
  3. I'll admit the Pacers, especially the logo, turned out a lot better than I thought it would.
  4. Great work, I'd love to see you do the old "elephant" A's logo or Pucky the Whale from Hartford.
  5. I agree with Artisan on the red. Goldenrod is Pittsburgh's colors because it's the colors of the City, as well as William Pitt. Not to mention that the original NHL Pirates' colors were black and gold.
  6. Are you simply just copy/pasting the wordmark and hat emblem on the jersey and hat? Because the outlines of the box are showing up.
  7. If you could add a horse and "A" logo it would be perfect. This is a really great set, here.
  8. This was a better mascot: Well, by that logic the Yeti mascot doesn't make any sense either since the Yeti comes from the Himalayas in Asia.
  9. I know I'm gonna seem stupid here, but where is Gaspe?
  10. Something seems wrong about the hammerhead's face, but I just can't put my finger on it.
  11. While I don't usually like most of your "gimmicky" concepts (no offense), I actually like this one. It's a bit gimmicky with the navy-themed stripes, but not to the point where it's ugly. My only complaints are that the vertical stipes on the whiteout-hat are a bit iut-of-place compared to the rest of the set, and that the use of gray-blue on the primary road is a bit awkward looking. Infact it looks a bit greenish-blue, but that might just be my monitor. Aside from that it looks good.
  12. I had once created a stadium for an alternate universe where instead of Montreal, Vancouver gets a NL franchise called the Huskies. They played at a multiple purpose dome that they shared with the BC Lions.
  13. My only complaint isn't about the uniform concept (it's great btw) but about the action template you're using. The dark patches look like smears.
  14. After this Cleveland/Braves concept, I can only assume that the Braves will prominently feature Chief Nocahoma.
  15. I gotta be honest, though I think a moon baseball would be a good idea for a secondary logo for a space themed team, I'm not really liking this concept. I think it might be that the spaceman has no face.