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  1. Forgive me for being a bit geographically correct, but Utah should be in the Pacific because it is more western than Denver. As for the uniform concepts, they are pretty amazing.
  2. Ryan Braun could end up playing with Israel. Giancarlo Stanton might end up playing for Puerto Rico.
  3. 1. Get rid of Chris Berman. 2. Joe Buck should not be announcing the all-star lineups. I loved the days when the PA announcers did it. 3. More skills competitions, like double-play, outfield arm, and speed challenges. 4. Air the Celebrity/Legends game live instead of on tape delay after the HR Derby. 5. Save the tributes and musical performances for the 7th inning stretch instead of prior to the game. 6. Move the All-Star Game to a Sunday night instead of Tuesday night. Even though teams would lose a high-attendance day, the ASG's ratings would probably go up. 7. Whoever is named to the All-Star team, and chooses to miss the ASG will have to sit-out of one regular season game.
  4. Whichever team decides to play in Columbus, they would have to pay territorial fees to the Cleveland Cavaliers (and possibly, the Indiana Pacers).
  5. Yes!!! NO MORE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Except for the Black Jersey, which will be worn mostly on the road on select days).
  6. You make Avila sound bad. He's gotta be in the top 5 catchers of the MLB. And unlike Russell Martin or Matt Wieters, Avila's the only one hitting .300 with just about 50 RBI's. How valuable is that?
  7. Although it's bad to see Teixeira and CC Sabathia off the All-Star team, they'll be eventually placed as replacements.
  8. I agree with you. The D'Backs or Rockies make a perfect fit for the AL West. This way, each league has a team in the Mountain Time Zone. In addition, having Houston in the NL West would match better since their AL rivals, the Rangers, are in the AL West and creates a rivalry with the Dodgers.
  9. While I'm in favor of a baseball realignment, the prospect of torpedoing the divisions altogether might be opposed by TV networks who broadcast baseball, especially Fox, TBS, and ESPN, who might fear that those who make the playoffs might come from only one or two regions of the United States, which could hurt nationwide ratings for the networks (an example being the AL playoffs featuring no team from the West Coast). On the other hand, however, I do prefer moving a team, preferably Colorado or Arizona, to the AL West, enabling the Astros to switch to the NL West. As for increased interleague play, I'm for it so that every team could visit every ballpark at least 1-2 games a year. This would be my type of schedule: You play every team in your division 8 times (8x4=32 games) You play every team in your league that's outside the division 7 times (10x7=70 games) You play every team in the opposite league 4 times (15x4=60 games) 32+70=102 games, 102+60=162 games As for the playoffs, I'd leave them with 8 teams, but with the new rule that the four teams in each league must be seeded by record. This would encourage division champions with poor records (I'm looking at you 2005 Padres) to win more ballgames in order to gain a better chance of homefield advantage in Round 1. After each round, seeds would be re-seeded to discourage upset teams from having homefield advantage in the LCS round.
  10. Quebec Nordiques would only be doable if the Colorado Avalanche would allow them to (by way of trademark).
  11. I miss the 1969 Mets and 1992 Brewers uniforms.
  12. 2011 Predictions: AL East Boston 93-69 New York 88-74 (wildcard) Tampa Bay 83-79 Baltimore 76-86 Toronto 72-90 AL Central Minnesota 91-71 Chicago 85-77 Detroit 78-84 Kansas City 67-95 Cleveland 61-101 AL West Texas 90-72 Oakland 86-76 Anaheim 77-85 Seattle 58-104 NL East Philadelphia 96-66 Atlanta 91-71 (wildcard) Florida 77-85 New York 73-89 Washington 72-90 NL Central Cincinnati 87-75 Milwaukee 82-80 St. Louis 80-82 Houston 77-85 Chicago 72-90 Pittsburgh 66-96 NL West Colorado 90-72 San Francisco 89-73 Los Angeles 80-82 San Diego 70-92 Arizona 65-97
  13. Bronxmet

    Bmac's MLB

    I like this White Sox upgrade, especially the road script and the C on the hats.
  14. I like the updated uniform concept, especially with the straight names instead of the arched.
  15. I like this one much better, being that it's Blues' colors.