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  1. Humiliating. I wouldn't even want to make the All-Star Game if I had to wear that monkey suit.


    At least things are going well for MLB as a whole.....oh wait.

  2. Blecchh, back to the ugly special event-MLB caps again.


    Oh well, at least there's actual baseball being played in May this year so I can't really complain.

  3. Speaking of primaries/alternates, can anyone figure out what the Nationals' uniform 'system' is supposed to be, especially at home? 


    They've worn their red and blue jerseys multiple times, their white 'Nationals' jerseys multiple times paired with the white-panel cap, and they've worn the decade-old Curly W jerseys with traditional red cap multiple times. The only thing that is obvious is their road grey jerseys. Beyond that, I've never seen a team start a season with so many uniform combinations. They're basically an NBA team at this point. 

  4. Not-so-original argument to be made in favor of red/burgundy staying as Washington's color scheme: maintaining the color balance in the NFC East. 


    Dallas and New York are heavy blue teams while Philly has green. I guess they could always go with a mostly orange scheme or include a lot of gold/yellow to differentiate themselves. Just please, no R/W/B. 

  5. It's ok, the NFL draft is nearly upon us and the Bengals are unveiling new uniforms. There will be a lot of other football topics.

    The Washington name/identity will drag on into next year so we better pace ourselves. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, MNtwins3 said:

    Washington Nationals are wearing their all red hat with their red jersey, which they usually pair with their red hat that has a navy blue brim


    I liked that hat but I haven't seen it in a few seasons. Nats wore it as a BP hat during the '19 postseason. 


    Speaking of Washington, what is their official home uniform? Because they've worn their white 'Nationals alternates' twice already. I guess that uni along with the white-paneled caps is the new designated home. 

  7. Trust me, Camden Yards is not a stadium you just walk away from. They will not be building a new stadium any time soon, no way. 


    The O's have absolutely been on MLB's you-know-what list due to the MASN dispute. I don't know if Angelos' sons taking over will help but I guess time will tell. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, DNAsports said:

    Washington is reportedly “warming up” to the Football Team name as its permanent choice going forward


    I do get the appeal (feels classic and old school) and if the on-field product continues to improve then it could work.


    But man, any time someone calls them 'The Football Team' I want to vomit. Will always feel like a placeholder name to me. 

  9. 1 hour ago, seasaltvanilla said:



    Always liked this one, somehow evokes playing catch in the backyard with dad.


    I love that one too.....my only problem with it was how light the actual colors looked on the sleeve patches during the games. 


    That Series really was a Fall Classic. 

  10. 2 hours ago, monkeypower said:


    They have two different versions of the anniversary logo? The one on the left is from the webpage and the one on the right is from the Twitter video.




    I much prefer the one on the left. The placement of "Angels Baseball" and "60th Anniversary" on the right is rough and I don't really like the inclusion of the MLB logo. I also don't really like inclusion of an actual diamond on either. 


    They should have pulled 'an Angels' and included their 'A' logo on there at least 3 times. In case we, you know, forgot who the team was.

  11. Washington needs a nickname, period. 


    As a fan, I still refer to them by the old name with my family members and close friends for one simple reason- saying 'Washington Football Team' or just plain 'Washington' is either a mouthful to say or just comes across as cold/lifeless. 


    A new nickname will most likely suck but at least it's an identity. One that I will happily get behind and use and buy merchandise. 

  12. Rundown of Washington Football Team's president Jason Wright's comments on the radio today: 


    -Burgundy and gold is staying as team colors 

    -Name should connect to area or history of the club (basically be meaningful to the fanbase and not some random name)

    -Research shows that fans want an identity that conveys a "sense of aggression, of boldness, of edginess"

    -New name will most likely be announced AFTER the 2021 season

  13. 1 hour ago, _J_ said:

    Nats wore their garbage the entire season at home and looked terrible doing it.


    Yes they did, but considering it was a very shortened season and there were no live Nats fans to celebrate and enjoy the ring ceremony and other festivities, I think the unique circumstances were an appropriate backdrop for trying something new.  

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