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  1. Is there not a freaking moderator somewhere to take care of all this childish arguing? Holy crap, create a seperate thread for this trash. I'm tired of having to scroll through a million posts of the same pointless arguing to see new uniform news. Guess what? Some people like old uniforms, some people like new uniforms. You're not going to change people's opinions and there is no right and wrong answer. What all this hot air has to do with next years uniforms is beyond me.
  2. I was just on the Astros wikipedia page and I saw this Any word on the Astros wearing the brick red caps with their alt. jersey this year? Or is this just a mistake in the picture? It also show red socks for the the white home alt, this would be new to I believe.
  3. Looks like that Tech White helmet that had been seen awhile back was legit. Or is it a throwback?
  4. Looks like that Tech White helmet that had been seen awhile back was legit.
  5. I love that so many people from outside of Houston hate the ballpark. It's not for you. I like all the quirks, it makes it unique and I like. Who cares if someone decides it's not what they think a ballpark should look like?
  6. the pants are not stripeless. there is a red missouri type stripe on them
  7. Actually the official colors of U of H are just Red and White. I do agree that I'd like some blue on their though.
  8. Apparently they will be worn with white pants with a red stripe. they had been wearing this
  9. I like the blacks too, but I think the brick reds are better IMO (and Drayton's too)
  10. for the record the Oiler fans didn't coin the phrase "Run and Shoot" Mouse Davis created the offense at Portland State in the 70's, and the Jack Pardee Houston Cougars (Andre Ware, David Klingler) ran the offense in the late 80's/Early 90's. When Pardee left the Cougars for the Oilers he brought the run and shoot with him and ran it with Warren Moon. And there, is your history lesson for the day boys and girls.
  11. might aswell change Los Angeles to something else too because they're not exactly known for their lakes.
  12. last year was the first year they didnt have the wings in quite some time.
  13. the A's logo looks the same
  14. doesn't look like an NFL set to me. Wouldn't be bad for High School or College though.