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  1. Awesome stuff man. Love the vintage colours.
  2. Amazing update on the original sabres logo. The Buffalo brass are mental not to go with something like this. I think the jersey could use a few nice horizontal stripes, but other than that, these look fantastic. Well designed and effective logos shouldn't have to "grow" on you. The Buffaslug was awful two years ago, and it remains so.
  3. This image was on the front page of todays Edmonton Journal. It shows a vintage style Oilers with blue strings coming down from the collar. Could this be a teaser of the upcoming 3rds for next season? The blue looks lighter than the vintage threads worn for a handful of games during the '06, '07 season. Looks more like '85-'86"ish" blue compared to the darker early 90's version (perhaps wishful thinking on my part).
  4. Those Bruins uniforms look great except for the lack of horizontal striping at the bottom of the jersey. I know it's just a prototype but Why wouldn't they just match the pattern that are on the socks and arms? I don't understand the NHL's rececnt abandonment of such an important element of a great looking hockey jersey. I'd say the only successful RBK design with minimal/no striping at the bottom of the jerseys is Washington's.
  5. This is all done in photoshop. I started off with finding a high rez phto of a player in their away white jersey which had to be stripped down to make all white (this wasn't that difficult considering the current road jerseys are pretty much already pure white). Then I basically painted the patterns I wanted using a new layer for every colour/pattern etc. The key is to have the layer you're using to paint on the jersey set to multiply in the layers palate. This will replicate the contour of the jersey fabric into the colour you've chosen to draw on top the original photo.
  6. Hey, thanks for the feedback. Sadly, I think the Oilers current unis are one of the poorest in the league but have so much potential. They used to look so great back in the day and in my opinion, have progressively gotten worse over the years. My attempt was to design a modern looking uniform based on the vintage Oilers orange and blue colours. I used elements form the early 70's WHA jersey, the familiar 80's version and the uniform of the Oilers current farm team, the Springfield Falcon's. I read on this board that the team might be sporting the vintage threads as third jerseys next year. If it means possibly seeing the current home jerseys 41 less times a year, I'm a happy camper.
  7. Some Oilers concepts i've been working on. here's a better view of the striping I was going for. home uniform showing socks and pants:
  8. I agree about the piping overlap. It really interferes with the A and C patches. I think the better option would have been to leave the piping out altogether, it really doesn't belong on a hockey jersey. I'm finding this recent de-evolution of the hockey jersey to a football jersey an unfortunate trend that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.
  9. Just got back from watching the Oilers scrimmage at the Joey Moss cup. Unfortunately, there's nothing magnificent about the jerseys. This guy in front of me was wearing a vintage home Gretzky jersey when they unveiled them, and all I could think about is how truly bad the new ones look in comparison. I think the only improvement on the new Oilers uniform is the thicker copper area on the socks, and the addition of stripes on the pants. Considering all the years of hockey history the Oilers have, a history with some beautiful uniforms, I find it so disappointing that this is what was approved.
  10. Doritos??? Way to go EA! What about Orios or Twinkies? We need more input on proper nutrition from our favorite sports games! The new oilers jersey is just awful. This is my worst fears come true. It looks like a glorified practice jersey. How does san Jose get it right and the Oilers totally drop the ball? A sad day in Oilers history.