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  1. My favorite Arena Football League team(s) - Washington Valor My favorite MiLB teams - Bowie Baysox, Potomac Nationals My favorite MLB teams - Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals My favorite NBA teams - Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards My favorite NCAAF teams - Maryland Terps, Tennessee Volunteers, Virginia Tech Hokies My favorite NFL teams - Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans My favorite NHL teams - Anaheim Ducks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals My favorite WNBA teams - Seattle Storm, Washington Mystics
  2. Glad the 2016 NFL regular season is here.

  3. It may be sloppy, but I like it. Looks very nice as well.
  4. Leonard

    Helmet Sigs

    I'd like a Falcons sig with 32 please. Back of the helmet I'd like a Steelers sig with 36 - if you can find the time. Back of the helmet would be fine.
  5. Bruins4Life: I happen to like the new look Predator jersey template. Even the logo looks very nice. You did yourself proud with this design. Leonard
  6. My sister graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000 and recently got married. She still supports the Hokies. BTW, the jersey front looks very nice.
  7. What about one for the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Seattle Seahawks?
  8. I heard it on the radio this morning as I was leaving for work. Joe Torre to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers after 12 years with the New York Yankees. Wow, that is something. When the Yankees offered Torre an one year deal for $2.5 million (half of what he earned in 2007), Torre told the Yankees what they could do with that offer. Good going, Joe.
  9. Favorite State Flags: 1. Maryland 2. North Carolina 3. Washington 4. Hawaii 5. Texas Favorite National Flags: 1. USA 2. Scotland 3. Sweden 4. Canada 5. France
  10. Very nice design, Tom. If the helmet is yellow or red, it still looks very nice.
  11. What about a past, present and future for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks?
  12. Huh? Anyway, UPDATE: AUGUST 20 Sorry, I don't have three concepts in this update. I just started college and I'm taking it slow. Here, to hold you over, we have the Dolphins. With the colors in the logo, it doesn't contrast from the water (or what is supposed to be water) on the helmet, but I think it flows nicely nevertheless. The Dolphins helmet looks very nice. Really.
  13. Leonard

    NFL Kickoff 2007

    Ditto on Pittsburgh & Cleveland.
  14. Leonard

    NFL Kickoff 2007

    Ditto on Pittsburgh & Cleveland.
  15. The black/black/white works for me.
  16. The Seahawks helmet looks very nice. It would look better with a teal facemask.
  17. The designs for the Los Angeles Express and the Michigan Panthers look very nice.
  18. Leonard

    Graveyard Please

    Steelers please 7 - Roethlisberger 12 - Bradshaw 20 - Bleier 32 - Harris 36 - Bettis 47 - Blount 82 - Stallworth 83 - Miller 86 - Ward 88 - Swann and the Steelers helmet from 1975 Many thanks!!!
  19. Could I ask for a sportsteam desktop calendar for both the Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners? I'd like both 1280 x 1024. Thank you.