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  1. The road looks like an absolute rip off of the Knicks
  2. That is the absolute worst mascot in the history of mascots
  3. They wanted to be the express but it was deemed as basically to close to a 'promotion' for FedEx. Something like that.
  4. lmaooo@ my tigers old logo
  5. NBA: Clippers (Looong overdue for a change) NHL: Ducks (I'll probably be the only one not to say Slug, but the Ducks change IMO was just as bad if not worse) MLB: Rays (Just a joke of a logo.. looks like a 3-year old designed it) NFL: Bills (Tough choice, not many bad NFL logos, but this team needs an overhaul. Wanted to put Browns but I guess no logo can't be bad) I wouldn't call the Clippers a 'bad''s just boring but not bad. I would call the Mavs logo bad. That horse is horrible. Go back to the cowboy hat on the M. And how can you call the bills logo bad? It's solid. NBA: Mavs NHL: Ducks and Sabres MLB: Rays NFL: Falcons
  6. Very nice work...if it were up to me, I'd stick with one blue, and change the bronze to more of an orange.
  7. As a hardcore half-Wings, half-Habs fan, I absolutely hate the Leafs, but their original unis are beautiful. The new Reeboks have screwed it up enough, and this makes it worse.
  8. Picked up a red Eli Manning and a Knicks Stephon Marbury home for like 30 bucks combined.
  9. So will they stay in the Northwest division?
  10. No more green? Looks like a Dallas Mavs ripoff completely.
  11. When I went to pick up my shirt, I was going to get a hat but the Wings logos were basically peeling half-way off.
  12. Nice...though it comes across as a Baseball patch with the diamond.
  13. Atleast 10 of those Bobcats prototypes are better than what they have now.
  14. As much as I would hate to see Hugo go just because I was a huge Charlotte Hornets fan growing up in the early 90's, seeing him replaced with the FDB would ease the pain. That would be one of the best logos in sports.