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  1. Apparently, the Predators raided the Maple Leafs old storage facility for their jerseys.
  2. Glad they didn't do anything drastic with the Generals' jerseys. Loving that new shoulder patch with Tilson, Orr, and Lindros's numbers on it.
  3. With all these third jersey releases, and said releases coming around the time when both NHL10 and NHL2K10 are released, will there be yet another code to input this year?
  4. Game: NHL 09 System: PS3 Player: Luke Schenn Pic: If not, any other pic of him is good. Many thanks.
  5. Man, those Team Canada thirds look awesome, love the lettering and numbering on them.
  6. At least they didn't try to copy WGNAmerica's logo, only replacing the eyes with ears.
  7. No need to bash the Icethetics guy. After all he was the one who leaked all the third jerseys. And do this site and have to be the only sites about uniform/logo history? If he wants NHL logo/uniform history, let him do it. It's not like he's competing with the aforementioned sites or anything.
  8. Boston unveils their thirds. Basically the same thing we've saw (the "Boston" bear logo on front, tri-stripe on arms, no stripes on hemline). So now, all the thirds have been unveiled.
  9. If only they used a modernized version of the Gretzky Era logo.... Regardless, cool jerseys.
  10. Rankings Atlanta Thrashers: This isn't football, Thrashers. Get with the program. And what's with the maroon jerseys, when your marketing "Blueland"? Some interesting ideas, but it's just the damn pseudo-football look that kills me. 4/10 Boston: What's with the black? I like the retroness to it though. 7/10 Buffalo: Despite the weird piping and numbers on the front, it definitely looks nice, and I'd consider buying it. 8/10 Carolina: Another offender in the "Blackout" department. The inviso-shoulder patch loses points. So... it's a: 6/10 Chicago: I'd complain about the jersey about being black, but it's as good as it was before. The only thing I'd like would be a white outline on the Blackhawk head, it looks like it's blending in with the jersey. 9/10 Dallas: It's a white version of their home uniform? Should've been green. Pass. 3/10 Edmonton: Great. I don't mind the weird collar. Head and shoulders above their current set. 10/10 Los Angeles: Guess what? More blackness. These jerseys are okay, so they get a 6.5/10 NY Islanders: Hooray for retro colours! The stupid socks ruin it, but not enough to not make it a 10/10. Perfection. Ottawa: Really? "SENS"!? Da hell? The jersey is a mess. They should've used the 2D Senator guy instead. 2/10 Phoenix: I like the design, but that "road-kill" coyote is just wrong. Still, it's a solid design. 7/10 Philadelphia: Kudos to the Flyers to going back to a classic jersey. The white nameplates complete such a perfect jersey. 10/10. Well done, Philly. Pittsburgh: I liked it when it was used for the Winter Classic, and I still like 'em now. 10/10 St. Louis: IMHO, doesn't look "Blues", but it's a good jersey, overall. 7.5/10 San Jose: Boring. But, the full body Shark saves it, singlehandedly. 7/10 Tampa Bay: "BOLTS"? Love the jersey design, but the "BOLTS" and the "TAMPA BAY" ass logo ruin it. Still, I'll give it a 6/10. Toronto: Great work. Leafs management, please switch to these jerseys full time. I love 'em. 10/10 Vancouver: Nice use of the "Stick-in-Rink" logo, and great to see Johnny Canuck on the shoulders, but they look like the home jerseys. Still, 8/10. Winter Classic (Detroit/Chicago): Awesome. Just simply awesome. 10/10 All-Star Game: They look ridiculously busy. What's with the stars with the years that Montreal had the ASG on one sleeve? But, it's at least better than the ones from last year, I'll give them that. 3/10
  11. No striping on the bottom base of the jersey for the loss.