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  1. I asked this question a while back but never found a solution, so I got a new Illustrator and still no results. I've got CS2, and when I go to type, it comes up in a defualt font, fine. But when I go to change it, nothing comes up in the scroll down menu. When I write the name of the font in, it recognizes it (automatically fills it in when I type the first few letters) but nonetheless remains in the same font. Can anyone help???
  2. thanks, but i dont need to edit anything really, I just want to type, and its not working.
  3. thanks for the response, but nothing comes up on the pulldown menu, and when i type something in, it still doesnt work. I tried saving it as EPS but it didnt work. I started the document on AI10 and opened with CS2, does that have something to do with it? Also I have 58 free GB, so space cant be the problem.
  4. Another question. I just got CS2 and i'm having trouble writing because every font i select writes out as a default font. How do I make it so the fonts come out as they're supposed to? I also am having trouble saving files. It keeps coming up "unknown error". The program is activated and everything.
  5. This may be a stupid question but here we go: If I created a logo in Illustartor and want to make it smaller to say put it on a uniform, the image gets smaller, but the stroke sizes stay the same so it end up looking all jumbled up. Is there anyway you can adjust the size of an image and have the stroke size increase or decrease with it??
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