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  1. Ok, thanks for the feedback people. I agree the body does look kind of funny for the most part, so I made it a head/neck logo which I think should make it look more like a logo as apposed to a drawing or illustration. Tell me what you think.
  2. I started out with this just as a fun project since I own a Boston Terrier, but seeing as this is also the mascot for BU and their current logo is sort of dated and cartoonish I developed it into a concept. C&C apprectiated.
  3. Update #1: Re-worked shadows in the primary, used "PHILA" script on the alternate uniform.
  4. Thanks for all the c&c people! As for the shadowing on the primary I agree it needs work but that's sort of my weakness as I designer at this point. I've come a long way but I still don't have much of an eye for shadows; I basically do the same crescent thing for every ball logo so I'm kind of stuck there unless anyone has specific ideas on how to improve it. As for the secondary there isn't much I can do I guess you kind of have to imagine it against a gray background so that the 6 looks isolated not outlined if that makes sense.
  5. There's been discussion going on that the Sixers may finally bring back a red, white, and blue identity what with the re-emergence of the old logo and Elton Brand's photo shoot in the retro uniforms. What I did here was update the old logo, make a new secondary logo based on this Phillies bi-centennial patch, and incorporate some parts of past unifrom designs I liked; the script circa mid-90's uniforms and numbers circa 80's-90's uniforms. I was pleased with how it turned out but I still look foward to hearing what you all have to say about it.
  6. It looks like they're going to be the Thunder but I like the Twisters identity better and wantd to use the proposed gold/black color scheme. c&c if you want.
  7. A drastic improvement since your original attempt, well done. As for the uniforms, they're nice, but I don't think the number font fits the identity so much.
  8. These are nice, 49erfan, this was a good idea for a project, all the others have been great too. Can I suggest St. Joe's??
  9. That is a sick concept, but really, ditch the color scheme and go back to the blue/lime. The other scheme not only fit the name (devil rays, aqua sort of colors) but the teams status as a modern expansion team. This color scheme is too plain and boring for the Rays, and I think if you tried the other one it would be a 10/10.
  10. I like it alot, nice job. My only problems with this is the gray in the primary doesn't look right, I think a darker color would look better in its place. Also in the primary, 'DUCKS' shouldn't be upside down and bakwords, thats never good.
  11. Cward- you should to some stuff for Daytona, that thing really needs help.
  12. Ok, I finally finished up my modifications to the package. Here are the changes I made: Uniforms: -Shadow on front numbers -Red alternate Logo: -Made text white -Added gray bevel -Made text smaller -Added shadow on basketball -Enlargened the bottom star -Double outline on bottom star C&C!
  13. I agree with you 100%. For such a big event to have a logo this weak to represent it doesn't make sense. Also, the absence of the location and year in the logo leads me to beleive it isn't real, unless its to be added i dunno.
  14. PhilaLogos

    NHL Concepts

    Wow, im not sure how many times ive commented on hockey stuff but I guess regardless of my interest in the sport, I can aprreciate great designs. I'm sure that this is a hockey purists wort nightmare, but these are incredibly unique. I think that the Red Wings, Rangers, and Caps logos are tight, and that the Sharks "fin", Wild, Blue Jackets, and the Coyotes "arizona clothe or whatever" design are AMAZING. Welcome to the boards, this is quite a start IMO!