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  1. Could you make a wallpaper with the skyline that you have with all time met greats in the background, Seaver, Strawberry, Carter, Piazza, etc
  2. Ever since the XFL allowed players to put nicknames on the back of their jerseys(ie HeHateMe) I always though it would be great if the NFL or any other league adopted a alternate jersey that would incorporate a nickname on the back. Examples(These Names would look awsome): NHL- #87 Kid #8 Finnish Flash #10 Russian Rocket #99 Great One MLB-#31 Papi #22 Rocket #8 Ironman #51 Big Unit NFL- #21 LT #81 TO #85 Ocho Cinco #93 Freak In theory these 3rd Jerseys would not need everyone on the teams to have a nickname on it, only those players who wanted to place it there. Also, I feel that these Nick name jerseys would be flying off the shelves See what Nickname jereys you can construct or add to the list
  3. They have to change to that, AWSOME!!
  4. Is their any word about MLB or any specific team doing a 60th anniversary of Jackie Robison breaking the color barrier ? I would assume the Mets would do something ??
  5. Just picked up a 2005-2006 Mets batting practice jersey for 20 bucks at TJ Maxx in the Rochester area
  6. Way to mess up a GREAT hat line, you have go to be kidding me VEGAS???