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  1. Thanks for the response, but I was talking about the actual font/file.
  2. They haven't thrown away the white/orange pants. They wore them vs. the Packers this season. Time will tell to see what they wear. Just waiting for something official.
  3. Warren Sapp ‏@WarrenSapp 15m New @TBBuccaneers helmet coming for 2014! Wait til you see this thing!! #Fire my G Gerald McCoy joins me live Thurs 8pmEST @NFLNetwork Expand Warren Sapp ‏@WarrenSapp 6m I'll give y'all a lil, helmet has a #ChromeGrill
  4. Personally I love this old school 80's/90's look.
  5. Blue on White with Black socks for the first time ever.
  6. Why would Randel El be able to rotate in to QB? Because he is not "officially" listed as a QB? In this case, I would think that Campbell, Collins, and Randel El would be considered 1st, 2nd, and 3rd QBs, and that all three would be ineligible once the emergency QB (who in this case is QB #4) comes in. I don't see why Randel El rotating in at QB would be any different than Campbell or Collins rotating in freely. Unless it has to do with the listed position. As for Hester, doesn't his number just get grandfathered in like Rod Bernstine's or Todd Christensen's? That thing about pct of plays sounds completely absurd. Anyone remember John Gerak on the Vikings? He was a guard #66 but injuries hit hard at TE, and he played some TE and switched to #46. But I think he went back and forth with the jersey numbers depending on which position he was mainly going to play that day. Simply because he's a wide receiver and on the active roster. Even though teams might have plans if multiple injuries happen and so called "emergency qb's", such as mentioned with Grant from Seattle, and Hunter Smith with the Colts, the player listed as the 3rd qb and not on the active game is the one that limits the return of the previous two qb's if he plays and is not injured himself.
  7. I'll try to clear up a couple of things. The Emergency qb rule is in reference to the 3rd qb that is not active on the game day roster. Take a team that has 3 qb's on the roster. Starting qb gets hurt in the first quarter. 2nd qb comes in and stinks it up, the coach can replace the backup with the 3rd emergency qb, but the back up and or starter cannot return to the game unless the 3rd qb is injured. Let's say that team is the Redskins and they have Campbell/Collins/Former Hawaii QB listed at #3. Campbell goes down in the first Quarter. Collins comes in to play qb. If he's ineffective, then the team could put Randel El in at qb and Collins could return. If the Hawaii qb played, then Campbell or Collins could not return at qb unless the Hawaii qb was injured, though Randel El could play freely or rotate into qb with the Hawaii guy every other play as could any other player on the active game day roster. Take the Colts for example. They generally go with 2 qb's. Manning & Sorgi. Manning has missed one play due to injury(broken jaw) in his career. Mark Rypien came in, fumbled the ball, and Manning returned the next series. If Manning and Sorgi were to both go down, the Colts typically don't have an emergency 3rd qb listed, so they would have to turn to a player on the active game roster, likely a player that played qb in high school. In years past it was rumored to be punter Hunter Smith, but he is no longer on the team and moving forward they might carry 3 qb's, Manning, Sorgi and Painter(draft pick from Purdue). If the Dolphin opened a game in the Wildcat with Ronnie Brown taking the snap and they had 3 qb's on the roster, Pennington/Hennee and an emergency qb, then the same rules would apply to the emergency qb. But if Brown starts in the wildcat, and Pennington plays the majoirty of the first half yet is ineffective and they go to Hennee at half time and he's even worse, then the could plug Pennington back in freely. Hester was allowed to keep 23, because it's an eligible #, and I did read where the reekbok/Chad Johnson and the Spanish translation for #'s eight and five had little bearing on it, but it was taken into consideration.
  8. Coach Tomlin looks younger than the Rookie.
  9. The turnover machine will be injured or benched again before too long, so Fat Denny needs to get the rookie coached up.
  10. now the crook has added another guys decals to his auction.
  11. every team would look better with black shoes...
  12. Some back ground.... The auction is based on custom mcfarlane decals mostly. The Rick and Sharon person, is this guy. has the files on his site for other customeizers to use, and I think he created the 2nd smaller # set that is pictured in the auction. I've seen some custom mcfarlane guys here and there, and I think there could have been some sort of agreement about jomo using the files on his site. .. Well, the van guy(rick) was getting out of doing customs due to a divorce so he started to sell his custom insert/decal disc on ebay. Then this fool and others started reselling it. Whether or not Nick's files were on the rickandsharon's disc is beyond my knowledge. Here are two threads on the spawn board that might better address it. It seems that the guy with the ebay auction is a real prick. Another guy was selling his premade decal sets and this guy is wanting to buy it and add it to his disc.
  13. i edited the post to include the auction