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  1. I have to admit that I have a certain spot in my heart for teal as a colour, but these unis are looking pretty damned sweet as is. I'd actually go so far as to say these are one of the best redesigns I've seen on the board. The only problem I can see is with the pin-striped alternate. The Hornets logo on the shorts is a bit hard to see as it blends in with the darker purple a bit too easily. You can make out the gold and whatnot, but the hornet's body itself is a little hard to pick out. Other then that, it's looking very nice.
  2. I'm actually going to agree quite readily with that point. I don't know exactly when or how this practise came about, but it seems almost exclusive to the upper-flight leagues of international football. Far too many times I have seen the goaltender or defender line up and completely belt the ball out of their end........all the way to the awaiting feet of the opposing players. I understand the need to kee the ball moving, and I know that sometimes you just have to get the ball out of your end in the face of a focused offense, but I can't begin to count how many times a player has kicked a ball with so little control, the only person who most likely ISN'T going to receive it is the intended player. Football is a game of finesse a lot of the time, but I get frustrated to know end seeing a ball get kicked all over hell's half-acre for no good reason. Perhaps a rule akin to "icing" would help eleviate that problem and bring the ball back down to ground and under more control. Other than that, I'm fine with football being played a little more slow compared to other sports. As mentioned, it can be a game full of finesse and incredible set-ups, but I'll agree, more control with equal more points. When has more points been a bad thing? Oh, well other than golf I suppose.
  3. *Takes mydogisgomez outside and beats the crap out of him saying "never disrepect the footy!"* Seriously though, as a Christian as well as a level-headed thinker I know I'm not offended by the thought of a sports team called the Devils. Calling them the Unholy Incarnations of Supreme Evil or the Princes of Enternal Damnation would be stretching it, however.
  4. Arsenal won, but only after taking part in the worst way to decide the outcome of a sporting tournament. As games go, I found it to be reather exicting in most parts, with Man U making some really close plays. The final score was not very indicative of the game played, I thought. All in all, it was a great match to watch, up until the shoot-out which pretty much creates a 50-50 chance for either team to win. Rooney was really hustling for Manchester and Van Nistelroy played more than adequete. Good game, shame about the final score though. Ah well, next year United!
  5. My two favourite althletes Men Mike Clemens: The current manager of the Toronto Argonauts. Simply the nicest guy you could ever meet and an absolute demon on the field. He was a great sportsman and continues to be an outstanding representative for the Argonauts organization. Women Cathy Freeman: The greatest race I ever witnessed wasn't Donovan Bailey's winning sprint in Atlanta 1996. It was Freeman's astounding 400m vistory in Sydney 2000. Watching her was almost surreal, and one of my greatest Olympic memories.
  6. I would not support an NFL franchise in Toronto. Never in a million years. Without getting too far into the nationalistic argument, I do not believe that on-field talent, corporate sponsorship, and club revenues should determine what league is better than the other. The NFL is organization is massive, that's very apparent. NFL talent is also the best in the world. Players are recognized more readily in the NFL than any other football counterpart in the world, and as a business the NFL is run very effectively. The NFL is the best league in the United States to follow as a fan, to play for, and to work for within the organization. That said, the CFL is still better for Canada. The Canadian Football League has heritage and history that exceeds anything I've seen before. You can watch a game for under 20 bucks easily. You can buy a jersey for a fraction of the cost for an NFL shirt. I'm not advocating clinging on to a tradition for the sake of itself, but I know that I can connect much more with my CFL team than any NFL franchise. Maybe it's because they don't try? I can watch a game on the CBC all the way through without being subjected to souped-up computer animations, CGI blimps, orchestrated fanfares, and highlighted balls being thrown around the field. It's just football being played and little of anything else. Watching it live is just as much a treat as well. Play isn't stopped nowhere near as much as in the NFL for commercial breaks and as an observer, the game just flows a bit better. Yeah, the talent can't hold a candle to the NFL, but you'll still see some incredible plays and cringe-worthy tackles with the same frequency. Both leagues have their pros and cons. What I appreciate more about the CFL is that I don't have to worry about any major scandal rocking the sport I love. Think about it. So far the only thing we've had to complain about the CFL is their unoriginal new jerseys. NFL players (such as Dexter Manley, Brad Hopkins, etc.) are constantly in the news for their various criminal activities. Are these the role models we really want to represent our cities with? Canadians have always been looked upon as a little dull when compared to our American neighbours. I don't think dull is neccesarily the correct term, but I'll admit, we are a little vanilla when it comes to pretty much anything. IS the CFL a little vanilla? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I don't think we should confuse purity with dullness, however. Toronto could probably easily support an NFL franchise, but the question to me is "Do they deserve it?". Say what you want about the Argonauts, but they are still the only champions (outside the Rock) the city ever had for a long time. With the Leafs consistently going nowhere and the Jays only now getting through a rough couple of years, why is Argonauts attendance still so low for a winning team? Torontonians just don't understand how good they can have things, I think. Would an NFL team kill the Argos? More than likely. Will it kill the CFL? Probably not, but how stupid would it look like if the country's biggest city lost it's oldest established professional sports team to a new American franchise? Pretty stupid.
  7. Very nicely done! And actually a bit surprising for a new poster I must admit. I would make on recommendation, however. The orange stripe on the Home and Alt seems to blend into the white far too easily. From a distance it would disappear altogether, I would think. My advice is to take the blue and orange stripe from the away pants and reverse them for the Home and Alt. The blue on the outsides will help contrast the single orange stripe done the side. Other than that, it's looking hellacool.
  8. Looks way better with the CR on the hats. Overall it's a very clean design with good use of the colours. I'll admit I'm not completely sold on the large dash under the text, but other than that, I wouldn't anything. Nice job.
  9. Nice jersey! I'm not a fan of the black either and the white seems to stand out a lot more on top of the blue. From a distance the orange may blend in a bit, but I don't think it would be a huge problem. Wilson is right, the black does look forced. The white though, it seems more natural to me. I like it.
  10. I don't think the situation is necessarily that grim. I'll admit I'm not blown away by the new products, but I don't think this will create too much of a backlash from the fans either. The jeresys are mediocre in my opinion, but I wouldn't say terrible. In any case, I've found CFL fans to be far less interested in the particulars of team logos, shirts, and other merchandise than our American football counterparts. Not saying CFL fans are apathetic, it's just that I always find we are more flexible to change on issues off the field.
  11. Possible alternate reality matches, eh?.... 1.) Hibernian FC vs. Heart of Midlothian FC for Scottish Premier League season title. 2.) Easter Road 3.) Late May 4.) HIBERNIAN!!!!! Hey Eddie010, you catch the Hibs vs Celtic score on Saturday? 3-1 Hibs. I couldn't have asked for a better present!
  12. Low scoring?! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Scores of 79-86 don't strike you as being enough? I'll admit I didn't think much of the one NBA game I saw live, but I wouldn't make a claim that it's low scoring.
  13. NHL 2003 for the XBox: I was playing Senators against my flatmate Moray who played the Flames. The 1st period was scoreless but in early in the second Moray ended up with two goals. By the middle of the 3rd period the score was 4-0 for Calgary. In the final 5 minutes of the game I tied the score up. In overtime (sudden death) I scored about 12 seconds or so into the period. Final score was Calgary 4 - Ottawa 5. Moray was pissed!
  14. Yeah, I understand the history behind the colours. For me though, I would have rathered they stick to only those used in the current logo which is just currently blue, white, and silver. I usually always prefer a simple palette with sports logos, so it's just a matter of opinion, but I'm not horrified by the changes. Wow, but how's this for arrogance? On the Argos website they have a poll for the new jereys. Check it out: Question: What do you think of the new Argo jerseys and merchandise? 1. They look great, I've already put in my order! 2. Double blue is now the new colour in my wardrobe 3. Love the new look, especially the logos What the?! I'm sorry Argos, but not all people are going to like the new look! I don't mind it myself, but I wouldn't answer with any of those options.
  15. I'm not hugely disappointed with the new look the teams are having. My biggest gripe is with Toronto, though. I don't have any idea why they are using the powder blue on the shoulders, especially since that colour was dropped from the logo altogether. If anything, would silver have worked for the shoulder instead? All said, I do like the font for the numbers. I don't think Reebok has necessarily fluffed it up on this set of jerseys. I'll admit it's not strikingly original on their part, but I like a little standardization from time to time, so I'm not terribly bothered by it. I can see both points of view, though. When all is said and done, I don't think they will sell any less because of the look. In fact, I still intend to snatch up my Argos top once I get the cash.