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  1. I especially like this one: Dallas Cowboys.
  2. You don't think that people get outraged when Ty Law rejects an multi-million dollar offer from the Patriots because he has to "feed his family"? You don't think that fans get outraged when Terrell Owens demands a new contract and ruins the team because of it? Oh, okay. No, guy, it's very relevant when Ben's comments are the reason you don't watch a sport, according to this quote: You can't give other sports a free pass when they do the same thing. Again, re-read moose's post. Why don't you bag on football and baseball players when they do the same thing? Brinke, why don't I hear you saying "Now I remember why I don't follow the NFL and MLB - it's due to guys and comments like these."???????? Oh, right, because you like those sports. I love hypocrites. You might be surprised that athletes in other sports think that kind of money is disappointing, yet I don't hear you complaining about them. Weird, brinke. Weird. And this isn't about people in Detroit...people in every city are poor and jobless and struggling, and athletes in every city complain about their contracts. For you to single out one person because you don't like his sport is absurd. Maybe you'll figure it out someday, but with your stubbornness, I'll be surprised if you do figure it out. You're welcome. Reality is a real bitch sometimes. man, you are totally off the mark. all i was referring to was wallace's statement. i never mentioned ty law or terrell or anyone else. just wallace. next time, before you go off on some personal vendetta, which you obviously have, read the post. all i talked about was wallace. want me to say it again? OK. all i walked about was wallace. it IS just about the people in detroit, because, let's say it again, ALL I WAS TALKING ABOUT IS WALLACE. it would indeed apply to any spoiled, arrogant athlete in any sport. but i wasn't referring to them..was I? And I haven't seen, as I recall, any players in OTHER LEAGUES LIKE THE NFL or NHL saying the same things. If they have, that's one thing. But I WASNT MENTIONING OTHER PLAYERS, WAS I? You say: "You don't think that people get outraged when Ty Law rejects an multi-million dollar offer from the Patriots because he has to "feed his family"? You don't think that fans get outraged when Terrell Owens demands a new contract and ruins the team because of it? Oh, okay." I am sure they do. The 'disappointed in 50M' applies to any sport. But who was I talking about? JUST wallace. I never said people who follow other sports wouldn't be outraged. I'm sure they would be. I am an avid NFL and MLB fan. In my years, I bet I have been to more major leaague events in both sports than you. You need not question my sports knowledge, because you have no way to measure it. So do me a favor. Don't waste your breath with this thread anymore. Because I'm not. I stand by my original statement. And if you don't like it, fine with me. Now drop it, OK?
  3. It's insulting because you're completely ignorant when it comes to sports you enjoy. I offer no apology. Re-read my post, and then moose's post one more time, and maybe you'll take off your blinders. Ty Law DID voice his displeasure in the papers for all to read. Terrell Owens DID voice his displeasure for all to see and read. Gary Sheffield DOES voice his displeasure for all to read, no matter what city he's located. And these three examples are miniscule compared to the number of players who voice their displeasure. How many guys miss training camp/Spring Training because they don't like their contract situation? How many draft picks hold out because the money they're offered isn't good enough? Huh, brinke?? It must be zero in your small corner of the world. Maybe Sports Illustrated doesn't report those things like all of the rest of the papers in the United States, I dunno. To diss on a sport and a basketball player (who later thanked the city of Detroit and the Pistons themselves for the opportunity - did you read that, newsguy?) is astoundlingly stupid, especially for someone that follows baseball and football... My original post's intention was this: that the average fan that supports the Pistons would be outraged that this player called a 50 million dollar contract 'disappointing.' Whether other athletes say the same thing is irrelevant. I wasn't speaking of them. Go stand outside the Piston's arena and ask people if they think a 50 million dollar deal is disappointing. You might be surprised. PS - I've never experienced such personal animosity. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  4. Brinkeguthrie comes across with yet another brilliant comment. Dude, you must not follow any professional sport. Ben's stance isn't unusual for the sports world, baseball included. Has Gary Sheffield ever been satisfied with any contract, even though there must be poor people "jobless and struggling" in New York, Atlanta, Florida, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee...but yet you folllow baseball, right brinke? Remember Ty Law turning down an offer from the Patriots because he "had to feed (his) family"...but, I guess everyone in New England is filthy rich, so that's no big deal. And I guess Terrell Owens won't stop you watching football, right brinke? Again... 'comes across with yet another brilliant comment.' where DO you get the right to say something like that? How insulting. I've followed all major pro sports since 1970. And for him to say 50M is 'disappointing' is simply uncalled for. Period. Doubtless other athletes feel the same way. But they're not stupid enough to voice it in public for all to read.......are they. If you don't like the post--------do me a favor and don't read it. Adios.
  5. (video on CNN) When Bobbleheads Attack (1:09) A minor league baseball team honors Tom Cruise in an unusual way. Greg Mills from KCAL reports (July 3) `Silent inning' part of Tom Cruise night at SoCal baseball game Associated Press LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. - It was a "silent inning" to honor a "silent birth" as the Lake Elsinore Storm saluted Tom Cruise over the weekend. The Single-A minor league team played the High Desert Mavericks (remember "Top Gun"?), and for one inning Friday night no music was played and no batters were announced to mark the Church of Scientology-dictated "silent birth" of Suri, Cruise's child with Katie Holmes. "It was originally going to be a `Top Gun' ... anniversary promotion and it just sort of evolved from there," said Jeff Joseph, a spokesman for the California League team. Cruise played "Maverick" in the 1986 film. Instead of the more traditional bobblehead, the team handed out a "bobble-couch" depicting Cruise's famous couch-jumping incident on "Oprah." A retrospective of Cruise's career and a couch-jumping contest were also included in the night's events. An afterhours call to Cruise's publicist was not immediately returned. It's not the first time the Storm has hosted an unusual theme night. "One year we had Dr. Seuss night," Joseph said. "All the players wore red- and white-striped socks to dress up like `The Cat in the Hat.'"
  6. Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen discovered Monday that sensitivity training gave him some insights on language and allowed him to do something he really enjoys -- talk.
  7. TURKEY POINT, Ontario (AP) -- Right wing Ryan VandenBussche was charged with assaulting three police officers during a late-night brawl and was subdued with a Taser gun and pepper spray.
  8. I think the article adds that the Giants don't sell rows behind those signs- but they bought them somehow from a scalper.
  9. I would think there would be some real backlash on this in Detroit. So many people jobless and struggling----but this guy says this massive fortune is "disappointing." Now I remember why I don't follow the NBA- it's due to guys and comments like this one. AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) -- Pistons free-agent center Ben Wallace, who also is being courted by the Chicago Bulls, says he's disappointed by Detroit's $49.6 million, four-year contract offer. The offer would pay $11.5 million the first year and would make him the highest-paid player on the team next season, $100,000 ahead of Rasheed Wallace. "It was disappointing," Ben Wallace told The Detroit News on Sunday. "It was not at all what I expected."
  10. Nice view of THE BILLBOARD!
  11. Venus lost, so the day is not a total loss. No more crowd shots of her dad. I have been watching tennis for a long time, and I can't remember two players who want to win less than Serena anda Venus. Always an excuse for a loss. They've won several Slams between them, but they've blown way more opportunies, too.
  12. Nadal beats Agassi, straight sets. Ironic Andre should lose to the young gun who wears the wild funny looking Nike clothes..the same boat Andre found himself in in the early 90s.