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  1. Hi everyone, I'm working on a concept for a Quebec city based soccer team and was looking for feedback. In theory, this team would play in NASL and would get a rivalry going with the new Ottawa Fury FC team and with the MLS' Montreal Impact. My concept is farely simple and based on the Paris Saint-Germain appelation and on the city's coat of arms. For any of you that failed their geography classes, the "Saint-Laurent" is the river that crosses the Province of Quebec. I wanted to use some blue as it's basically mandatory for any Quebec city sports team, and was debating between green or yellow as a secondary color. As you can see, I went with 2 tones of blue and with yellow, also using it for my clash kit. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Also consider that all of this was done using MSPaint. Thanks in advance, -LG-
  2. Since montreal's USL soccer team is moving up to MLS in 2012, I've been playing with a couple ideas for a new logo that would represent well both the city and the province and would be less cartoonish than the current USL logo. I've come up with 3 different logos, all playing on similar themes. I've been toying around with MSPaint, so I guess I'm looking for comments on the concepts more than anything. 1st idea: 2nd idea: 3rd idea: For the 3rd one, the beaver is from the coat of arms and would lend itself well for a possible nickname for the team, the red cross is from the city's flag, the fleur-de-lys obviously refers to the french heritage and the provincial flag and the 3 red stars showcase past success in USL. And I also used the bottom of the fleur-de-lys to create a `M`. Which one would you say has the most potential?
  3. Oh and here were the kits I had in mind, taking some influences from argentina and Olympique Marseille:
  4. Love your crest! here is what I had created a while ago when looking into a possible design for Montreal in MLS. I only used paint though, but this is just a quick concept: thoughts?