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  1. As bad as the Oilers orange jersey and dark blue jerseys are, they look amazing compared to what is going on with the Ducks. Barely watchable.
  2. Overall shape is weird. Straight and oblique don't work well. What's the zig line on top. First starry igloo with stick under is a better idea to me.
  3. Hopefully some other teams are able to do the same. Preds come to mind.
  4. I think blue pants will look better on the roads. The contrast with the burgundy bottom of the sweater. Not crazy about it on the homes. Since they have them for the reverse retro, I'd be curious to see them try the burgundy pants at home.
  5. Totally! It has a bit of all of them. CBC is/was a masterpiece. I bought a tee of it. Métro has aged really well. Never been a big fan of the Expo 67 one. Might be the age of it, I just never got it. Based on the mockup, I must say the CBC/Métro vibe works a lot for me. I'm on board . I like that they chose the name with a Québécois/French Canadian phrasing. It's different, it's ours. I think they floated that it would be Montreal FC to say if the French public would accept it. While it wasn't totally panned, there were complaints. Mine was just that it's like everyone else. This is just different enough without it really being any different.
  6. Coming from the former Impact radio announcer and his fellow podcasters. Black and grey (silver) with blue accent will be the colors of the Club de Foot de Montréal. Snowflakes on the logo as well as the jerseys.
  7. This last iteration is gorgeous and the best in my opinion even though the logo is too small. Jersey colors are it.
  8. Home and away are nice and clean. It would be a very respectable set. Though I don't think personally it is better than what they have right now. I like their current design it's modern and classic at the same time. White alt is a good idea, but it'd be nice for it to be different from the away I think in terms of jersey design. Not just the logo. Can't wait to see the rest, pretty good start even if most of my commentary seems negative.
  9. Good job on the Flames, agree this is much better than what they have now. Though, am I the only one who really the numbers they use. The large 2 on the back look atrocious to me, whereas I kinda like the sleeve 2, which is different that they use. If I was changing the uniform, I'd change that too. My two cents.
  10. This is something we're still going to do? OK then. Don't be sorry. I mean why on earth would a team want to appeal to a large majority of its fanbase? The horror! Well, I thought you guys didn't like being referred to as "The OC" so I didn't expect it to go over too well with Ducks fans. Well the "uppity" OC people don't like it, the rest of us could care less. We live in Orange County. The problem is not so much being referred to as "The OC", as much as it's in some people's mind being labeled as airheads/stupid people from Laguna Beach, that's the problem.Right. There's a big difference between simply "OC" and "The OC". Still, there's no reason to use either. Just say Orange County. On a shoulder patch?
  11. A bit late to the party but that Washington set is one of the best I've seen here for a while. Just a great feel to it. As for the latest one, the Wild third looks pretty good. The primary jerseys looked strange to me at first. As if the arms were separate from the jersey body, which they are in a sens anyway. Then I looked at the original jersey it's based on, the non-Edge one and it made it all kosher for me. Good job once more. Very much like the film strips stripes on the Kings third. Their success as a non-purple team leads me to think, they should ditch it for good. I still enjoy did what you did to them. Crown looks sharp.
  12. Love what you did with the Flyers. Back to the 80's jersey, no-brainer. Black third feels right and looks terrific.
  13. I darkened the silver, as suggested. Thanks aci for that. It make a big difference. I tried to play around with the lines thickness, but it didn't help to my eye. Here's what I got out of it. Quickly whipped up regular leg stands do make it look more like a drum bass, but it takes out the hockey feel. I'm alright with the first version in this post. As for a guitar logo, that was my original idea. Having the A be an electric guitar and its wire spell "ustin" in cursive letters, but I decided to go with a more original idea. Though I agree that this has more of shoulder patch feel.
  14. Thanks. I think you're right, it's not as bad as I make it out to be. It's just not as clear as I wanted it to be what it represents.
  15. Alright, the day had to come when I'd post my first attempt at something. I just got in a new fantasy hockey league and needed an identity for my franchise. I chose a music theme. My main team is the Austin Band and my farm team the New Orleans Band. For the farm squad I just recoloured and rebranded the ECHL's New Orleans Brass logo. For the Austin Band, I tried to come up with an original concept. I came up with the idea of recreating a bass drum which often showcase a band's logo on stage. Kind of like this. Used hockey sticks for its legs and here's what I've got. What do you think? It doesn't really make you think of a bass drum, does it? To make it work, do I have to go the 3D route like this? Or would that be too elaborate for a logo? Any help, commentaries or suggestions are welcomed.